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Introducing Her Royal Highness. The one and only Royal Title holder “Little Miss Blue Jeans” and namesake for world famous fashion brand Frankie b. 15 year old FRANKIE CLARKE who is proving to the world that she is a fashion trendsetter herself rockin’ a really cool cute and girly teen version of her mom’s iconic sexy grown up rock n roll style!

I recently got the opportunity to hang out with Frankie and my photographer Harley Benson (Check out her Interview) in L.A. for a fashion shoot for my fashion company Queenie4ever. Frankie is my new model/muse. Her style is the epitome of what Queenie4ever represents: cute, fun, girly designs based on vintage styles mixed up with modern pieces that combine for a sophisticated yet youthful playfulness L.A. fashionistas like Frankie are so famous for.

1. What's it like growing up as the child of a famous fashion designer the Queen of the Frankie b. Empire Daniella Clarke and a Rock Star Guns n' Roses Guitarist Gilby Clarke?

I have a lot of fun with them since I'm interested in both their careers they are very inspiring to me and supportive. It's always fun because my house is filled with music and cool friends who are involved with music.

2. How old are you now and at what age did you decide you wanted to be the next reigning Queen of Rock n' Roll? Who is your female music idol right now and why?

I'm now 15 years old. I decided to start playing guitar when I was 10 years old once I started learning more songs I decided to start a band with a couple of friends. Unfortunately, we are no longer together but we did play some fun gigs. Right now I would say my female music idol is Hayley Williams. I love her style and originality. I also think she is a really talented singer and songwriter.

3. What instrument or instruments do you play and when did you start learning to play? Do you sing?

I first started out playing the piano but decided to stop when I picked up the guitar. I wasn't really into playing classical pieces anymore... I sing but am more comfortable playing guitar.

4. Do you ever have jam sessions with your Dad?

Yes not as much as I used to due to homework but every thanksgiving and christmas we like to have family jam sessions with my dad my uncle and I. I sing and play guitar while my dad plays drums and my uncle plays bass.

5. Who taught you to play your instrument(s). What kind of guitar are you posing with in the photo shoot you did for Queenie4ever?

My dad helps me out but I also take weekly guitar lessons from a guitar teacher. The guitar I used in the Queenie4ever photo shoot was my Gibson Les Paul Godess that Gibson so generously gave to me as a gift when my dad and I went to visit their showroom.

6. You used to be in a band called Sweet Gone Sour and you were featured with your band in Teen Vogue Magazine. I heard the band broke up. If this is true, why did you break up, and do you have plans to form a new band.

Yes, that is true. We all now go to different schools and it was really difficult to get band practices together when we all had different schedules going on. Doing the Teen Vogue shoot was a blast though! we had fun trying on all the different outfits they brought for us. When the issue came out it was very exciting for us. I would love to eventually start a new band!

7. Your bedroom was also featured on the Teen Vogue website. I hear rumors that you are planning to redecorate your room which sparkly walls. Can you describe what style you have in mind and what inspired you to go for this style?

Yeah I still want to paint my walls with sparkles but for now I'm just trying to get my room organized!

8. It must be fun hanging out with a mom that is a famous fashion designer. Do you ever help your mom design? If yes, what kinds of clothing have you designed together?

Usually my mom asks me my opinion on what are current trends amongst people my age and I give her some ideas that she uses which is super fun.

9. You have an amazing fashion style. Describe your dream stage wardrobe naming brands you really love and what is it about these pieces that makes it so special to you.

I would love to wear of course a pair of my favorite ripped up Frankie B. jeans! :D I'd probably pair my Frankie B's with a new sequins top I just got from Top shop online and a pair of doc martins or studded leather boots! For accessories I'd wear some type of Tarina Tarantino jewelry. Right now I'm really into sequins and studs.

10. If you could perform with any famous recording artist living or dead who would that be and why?

Well since I have performed with my dad onstage already I would say probably Paramore. Since I know how to play Crushcrushcrush by Paramore it would be so much fun to actually play with them!

11. Do you get to attend cool celebrity studded parties such as red carpet events, movie premieres or fashion or music award shows? Describe a recent celebrity event you attended and who was the coolest celebrity you got to meet?

Most recently I got to go to the Teen Choice Awards which was really fun!! I didn't get to meet anyone there I get a little shy.

12. Since you have 24 hour access to your Dad's home studio, it looks like you might know your way around a recording studio? Can you work the soundboard? Have you recorded any songs? How many times have you performed on stage? Have you recorded a Demo yet? Do you write your own songs? If yes, how many have you written and what inspires you to write a song? What's your favorite subject to write a song about?

I leave the soundboard to my dad it looks so confusing! But I have recorded with him. Sometimes he has me sing background vocals for some songs hes working on. I have probably played on stage 10 or 15 times. I'm actually working on writing my own songs right now. My dad has been giving me tips and advice about how to write a song.

13. Describe a typical day in the life of Frankie Clarke. You got to hang out with your mom all summer in Frankie B's downtown L.A. offices. What was a typical day at the office like? What's the most exciting thing that happened when you were there. Do you get to hang out with your Dad when he's performing gigs? What's a typical day like hanging out with your Rock Star Dad? I heard he loves motorcycles. How many does he own and does he take you for a ride? If yes, what's the coolest trip he's ever taken you on.

Over the summer when I hung out with my mom at work I was really into making hair accessories! I would raid through her fabrics and find cool colored leathers and interesting patterns and make big flowers and glue hair clips on the back. Then I learned how to put swarovski crystals on fabric which was time consuming but when I was done I had sparkly flower hair clips! When I'm off school sometimes I visit my dad when he's playing gigs. A typical day with my dad would be playing some guitar and talking about music either music we like or dislike and what would be good songs for me to learn on guitar. My dad LOVES motorcyles I believe he has 5. I'm a little bit scared of going on the bike so the furthest I have gone on it was to a restaurant five minutes away from my house.

14. What do you and your friends like to do when you hang out?

We like to go to either Urban Outfitters or the mall we also like going for ice cream and sweets at Sweet Harts.

15. Who is your favorite celebrity girl or guy?

Right now I have a Robert Pattinson obsession...

16. List the top ten favorite songs on your player

"One Way or Another" by Blondie, "Jeepster" by T.Rex, "Spiderwebs" by No Doubt, "Revolution" by the Beatles, "You Know I'm No Good" by Amy Winehouse, "Sheena is a Punk Rocker" by The Ramones, Use Somebody- Kings Of Leon, "Frankie's Planet" by Gilby Clarke ( a song my dad wrote for me), Barracuda by Heart and Any Paramore song!

17. High heels or High tops?

High tops!! I wear high tops to school every day!

18. Thanks for being such an awesome model for Queenie4ever! Hope you enjoyed hanging out with me Queenie4ever designer Tatiana Mclane and my photographer Harley Benson. I know I love getting all dressed up and having my picture taken. What was your favorite part of the photo shoot? I know you mentioned that you really liked my designs. What is your favorite piece from my Queenie4ever collections?

I really enjoyed every part of the photoshoot! I also love all of Queenie4ever's designs!

19. You are such an inspiration to young girls who want to get involved in fashion and music. What advice can you give them as to how to start out in either fashion or music?

If music or fashion is something you are passionate about you should pursue it by either starting a band or writing a song or even draw a sketch of a design you like. Like my mom tells me, it is so important to do something you love because then you will be happy.

20. What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you think you will follow in your parents' footsteps and become a famous designer and rock star? You are after all heir to their thrones!

I would love to do a little bit of both actually! Maybe start out in a band and then experiment a little in fashion.

21. We share an obsession for vintage clothing and accessories. What are some of your favorite places to shop for vintage pieces? When I go vintage shopping, I love pretty dresses, so I am always on the lookout for amazing vintage dresses especially 50s prom dresses, 60s shift style dresses, and Victorian/ Gunny Sax style dresses. What do you search for when you go vintage shopping?

When I go vintage shopping I look for pieces that I think will express my style. I love finding 60's dresses with pretty fabrics that I can have my mom shorten or alter for me.

22. You have an amazing fashion style that I really admire. You are a trendsetter! You like to rock your denim with really cute girly accessories. Describe your signature outfit and what are your favorite accessories that you like to wear a lot?

My signature outfit would be a pair of Frankie B's a Ramones tee shirt and red studded ankle cowboy boots from top shop with a Tarina Tarantino bow in my hair. :)
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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Check out this cool interview with Frankie B. designer Daniella and her daughter Frankie who so happens to be Queenie4ever's new model/muse. Frankie is wearing one of our gorgeous lace dresses from our New Party Dress Collection debuting L.A. Fashion Week for Spring '10!

To make it really easy to purchase the entire Party Dress Collection will be available for purchase online on the Queenie4ever website! Photo Credit for Frankie's Photo goes to our incredibly talented 16 year old teen photographer Harley Benson.

And to all of our Fashion Princess fans out there who adore as much as I do, Queenie4ever is now an official POLYVORE member and will be really busy working on cool fashion sets to share with all of you! Find me on POLYVORE under the name "QUEENIE4EVER".

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"To other teens out there who would like to be a fashion designer like me or have a dream or passion, keep going until the end, because you can make it as long as you believe in yourself. This was once my dream, but because I pursued it, it is now my reality." -Tatiana McLane " Click here to view video and article on
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