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BOY CINDERELLA - Tears For Fears singer CURT SMITH

Yes, it’s true! A boy can live a Fairytale Life too! Just ask Curt Smith who’s angelic voice soars over the radio airwaves as ½ of the hit 80s British pop duo Tears For Fears. It wasn’t a Shoe like Cinderella but Songs that changed Curt’s life into that of a Fairytale, especially "Songs From The Big Chair" album which is filled with hit after chart topping hit that helped to define the sound of the 80s along with bands such as Spandau Ballet etc. Why do you ask is Curt a Boy Cinderella? It’s because his story is similar to the rags to riches story of Cinderella.

He was born in Bath, England grew up on Snow Hill which according to Curt is the equivalent of the projects or low income housing. Curt has proved you don’t need lots of money to be able to sing, but you do need talent. Luckily, Curt was born with an amazing singing voice. From a young age, he began performing with the church choir. Later, he started his first band with his childhood friend Roland Orzabal when they were both only 13 years old. The two would later go on to become the singing duo known as Tears For Fears touring the globe, making hit records, and becoming one of the most successful British bands aside from the Beatles in the history of rock music. The two friends took a hiatus from Tears For Fears but decided to regroup in 2004. That is when I first had the opportunity to meet Curt at his Tears For Fears CD release event at the now closed world famous Tower Records on Sunset Strip in L.A..

I was 9 years old at the time. My parents and I waited in line with the rest of fans for what seemed like hours on a school night! We were rushed through a line into the record store and given less than a minute to meet the band, say Hi, get an autographed CD, give Curt a gift bag containing Queenie4ever t shirts for his wife and 2 daughters, and get rushed out the back door by a giant scary looking security guy. Speed up time to 2010, I am now 17 and just found out that Curt actually took my t shirts home and his daughters Diva and Wilder actually wore them!

Queenie4ever fashion designer Tatiana Mclane age 9 (far left) and Curt Smith
(seated on right)Tower Sunset @ Tears For Fears CD Release 2004

Back to Curt’s Boy Cinderella Story. During the Tears For Fears hiatus, Curt Smith moves to America, starts writing and recording successful solo albums, falls in love with a marketing executive Princess named Frances who becomes his wife, becomes a dad to two L.A. Princesses Diva and Wilder, and records a song with a French artist named So called "Seven of Sundays" that I fall "Head over Heels" in love with and have to have for my Alice in Wonderland fashion video. I contact Curt via Twitter, and he says yes I may use his song as long as I give him proper credit which I do and since "everybody loves a happy ending" as much as I do, I am now happy to introduce Curt Smith’s happy ending to you! He’s a self proclaimed "Cinderello" and considers himself lucky to be so blessed from his life’s journey living in the projects of Snow Hill to life in the glamorous Hollywood Hills, he is continuing to experience great success in the music business.

I am so excited that he took time out from his busy schedule before Tears For Fears recent 2010 world tour to let us take a peek behind the scenes of his Hollywood Fairytale Life!

Listen to Curt Smith "Seven of Sundays" featured in Queenie4ever Alice in Wonderland fashion video shot on location Melissa Joan Hart candy store Sweet Harts listed under Sunday, February 21, 2010 blog entry. (click here to view)

Curt Smith Interview

Hi Curt! I have been listening to you sing since I was a baby. I had the pleasure of meeting you in 2004 at Tower Records on Sunset Blvd when I was 10 years old. Tower no longer exists, but at least your songs still live on thanks to radio and the internet. Several months ago, I was doing research for a song I could use in my Queenie4ever video. When I discovered "Seven of Sundays" on your Myspace.. After listening to its romantic lyrics and melody, I knew that it was a perfect match for my Alice in Wonderland theme fashion video. I envisioned "Alice" as being romantic yet youthful and innocent. The style of my video was to be reminiscent of a 1920s old silent film yet modern and magical using bright technicolors to give the impression that Alice had indeed stepped into Wonderland. I had already written the script and designed the costumes. And, now I had found the perfect song except Wait... I needed your permission... What if you said no? But, you said yes... so I thank you from the bottom of my Queen of Hearts!

What is the meaning behind the lyrics of "Seven Of Sundays"?

This was actually the one song I didn't write on "Halfway, pleased" - it was written by Charlton Pettus (my long time collaborator) and Chesney Hawkes an English singer. I believe for Chesney it was about his wife but for me it's about my children. The sentiment is basically that even if things aren't going right you can take a breath, look at your kids and realize how much you have. Sunday is (for most people) a holiday and day of rest, my children make everyday seem like Sunday (Seven Of Sundays)

How long did it take you to write it?

See above :)

What inspires you to write a song? Do you ever visualize places, peoples, or things when you are in the process of writing a song? If yes, what were you envisioning when you wrote the lyrics for "Seven of Sundays"?

Everything I experience is an inspiration and although I didn't write Seven Of Sundays I pictured my family whilst singing it.

Have you ever thought of your current life as being like a Fairytale? You grew up in Bath England in Snow Hill became one half of a famous hit band who toured all over the world then moved to America, began a solo career and now you live in L.A., you are a famous very successful solo singer/songwriter, you have a beautiful wife and 2 adorable daughters with amazing names Diva and Wilder, and you continue to create great music that your fans seem to really appreciate. It sounds like a Cinderella Story except you are a guy.

I am indeed a male Cinderella (would that be Cinderello?) - but seriously, I'm greatly appreciative of all I have and although sometimes it's not that easy (as I'm actually quite a private person) I wouldn't give it up for anything.

You are a positive role model for teens and young people because of how successful you have become. What advice would you give teens who dream of becoming a famous recording artist like yourself?

Primarily stay true to yourself. With fame comes many pressures - people around you need you to retain your success for them to make money, so sometimes it's hard to find someone who is objective. Rule no.1: money does not bring happiness.

At what age did you begin to think about becoming a professional singer?

I've always wanted to sing. I joined the choir when I was 4 and Roland and I's first band was when we were 13.

What artists did you listen to as a teen?

A mixture. When I was younger I loved English pop/rock bands like Slade and Sweet. Got into heavy rock music, Blue Oyster Cult, Rush. Dabbled with ska, The Specials, Madness. Then got into more creative artists like The Taking Heads and Peter Gabriel.

Who are your favorite artists and/or bands today?

Flaming Lips, Kings Of Convenience, The Feeling, St. Vincent to name a few.

If you could perform/record/write with a famous person who would that be and why?

Probably St. Vincent because I think she's so creative.

Thank you so much Curt for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. I know you are currently busy in the studio? Can you tell us what you are working on in the studio?

I am busy putting together a bunch of collaborations for a new project. My first track "All Is Love" is with the cellist Zoe Keating, and currently I'm doing a track with Melissa R. Kaplan aka Universal Hall Pass.

What’s the future hold for Curt Smith?

Keep working on music as long as I can and teach my children to the best of my capabilities.

I hear you and Tears For Fears are touring soon? When and where?

We're off to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, The Philippines and Taiwan tomorrow (April 13th)

How can my blog followers and fans find your music to purchase?

All links are on my website -

I was really excited to hear that your daughter Diva and Wilder are fans of Queenie4ever and wear Queenie t shirts. That really means a lot to me. It just inspires me to design more cute stuff for girls like your daughters so that it makes them feel like a fairytale princess whenever they wear it and also by wearing my designs they are helping me to keep alive the Queenie4ever fashion fairytale. I dedicated my "Alice in Wonderland" Video to all my Fairytale Princess fans especially the enchanting Smith sisters Diva and Wilder for supporting my dream to be a successful fashion designer.

What are your hopes and dreams for your daughters Diva and Wilder?

That they grow up knowing that they are loved, are educated well and follow their dreams.

What makes Curt Smith Smile?

My family.

Good Luck on Tour and with all your New Projects! XO Tatiana Queenie4ever

Thank you!!
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