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If someone asked me to describe one of Hollywood’s hottest up and coming young actors Brendan Robinson in one word I would have to say "Adorable." And, judging from his over 15,000 Twitter followers, I’m not the only girl that feels this way. I got the chance to sit down and interview Brendan at one of his favorite L.A. restaurants. He is easily recognizable from playing Lucas on the ABC hit show Pretty Little Liars. Girls can’t seem to resist Lucas’ wavy brown hair, sparkling hazel eyes, and geek chic charm, or feel sorry for him, because he has a major crush on Hanna. Unfortunately, he doesn’t feel like a popular girl like her would ever go for a geeky guy like him. Yet, am I the only one who noticed that he’s the only person Hanna can just relax and be herself with? Will Lucas overcome his lack of confidence and will Hanna see that true love can be found where you least expect it? Will Lucas and Hanna finally become a couple? You will just have to stay tuned and watch the season finale! Meanwhile, if you are wondering if Brendan is anything like his character Lucas, all I can say is yes and no. After watching several episodes of Pretty Little Liars and spending a whole afternoon hanging out with Brendan, I noticed Brendan has similar facial expressions such as the way he looks at you or the way he smiles. But, his personality is way more confident, relaxed, and friendly than Lucas. Moreover, Brendan is super nice in person! I hope you enjoy getting to know the real Brendan Robinson, just as much as I enjoyed interviewing him.

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Tatiana Mclane

Actor Brendan Robinson from Pretty Little Liars and Queenie4ever teen fashion designer Tatiana Mclane @ Kolaks Woodshed Young Talent Nite Hollywood, California

1. How would you describe your clothing style?

It has evolved over the years I use to like Urban Outfitters. I worked at Gap as a struggling actor. They had good discounts. I like Ben Sherman and Calvin Klein. I wear Lucky brand jeans.

2. Why did you come out to L.A?

At age 5, I was put into acting classes. I grew up doing theater and plays instead of sports. There wasn’t in my mind another career option. When I was a senior in high school, I was in a movie and realized I really like film and television. I was able to sign with an agent before I moved here which was the big reason I moved. I was a little on the fence on it as to deciding whether to jump into the business or go to college. The movie gig was a sign that I should try acting.

3. Where is Pretty Little Liars filmed?

The WB studios

4. If you were not an actor what do you think you would do instead?

I would like to be a set designer if not an actor

5. What is a typical day like on set?

It starts really early in the day like 6 am for make up and wardrobe. We shoot at 8. We shoot 8 pages a day of a script. We do a rehearsal once with the set director. Each episode is shot over 7 days. Each day is different. There’s a lot of down time. 10-14 hour workdays are common.

6. Have you read any of the Pretty Little Liar books to get a better understanding of your character?

I’ve only read the parts my character is in. I’ve taken elements from the book and made it my own. I felt like reading the books in their entirety wasn’t necessary because there was going to be a different interpretation than the book where he (Lucas Gottesman) was described as a blond, gangly, diamond in the rough.

7. What were you like in high school?

I went to a really tiny high school that was an art based high school called The Northwest Academy located in Portland, Oregon. We had a lot of performing and visual arts classes. I only graduated with 16 other people. Everyone knew each other. I was a floater into different groups. I was very into schoolwork. I was a little bit of a nerd; I was the valedictorian of my graduating class. People were surprised that I didn’t want to go college and instead move to L.A..

8. Do you enjoy taking picture like Lucas does?

The big thing in my school was black and white photography. The kids could leave campus to take photos of downtown. However, I only took one class and decided I did not have a talent for photoplay. I’m glad I know how to kind of work a camera. I was on an episode of Cold Case where my character was also a yearbook photographer. It’s funny how photography has been a theme in my career so far.

9. What do you do on your downtime on the set?

I talk with people and share stories, learn my lines, or eat Kraft services.

10. Are you close with any of your cast mates?

I’m a good friend with Chuck Hittinger who plays Sean. It’s funny because we play archenemies on the show. I am also friends with Janel Parrish, who plays Mona, who is really sweet in person despite her character and Tammin Sursok who plays the blind girl, Jenna.

11. Your birthday was on Tuesday. How did you celebrate?

We went to Lucky Strike Lanes and had a party. My parents came down for a week. I had a lot of sweets. A lot of the Pretty Little Liar cast was there as well. We bowled and played pool and had a really great time.

12. What was your favorite toy as a child?

My favorite thing when I was a kid, that I couldn’t be separated from were these plastic toys like Leggos called Playmobile. I had like a circus set and I would put on shows in my room. I use to wish I could be in the circus. This may be why I wanted to be an actor. I had a childhood obsession with the circus.

13. What are your hobbies?

I do a lot of running, internet surfing, reading, hanging out with people, hiking and writing. I use to be into rock climbing. I was in a club during middle school. I’d love to get back into that.

14. Do you have any hidden talents?

I juggle. I learned it in an acting class. One day it just kind of clicks.

15. Many people are very into Glee; Do you have any musical talents or aspirations? If so, would you ever want to pursue a singing career?

I took voice lessons for 5-6 years. I did a lot of musicals. Maybe if the opportunity presents itself.

16. The show has some pretty unique music what type of music do you listen to?

I listen to a lot of rock music and alternative rock. I’m into specific songs versus an entire collection. Right now I’ve been listening to a lot of the Killers, Florence and the Machine, Neon trees, and Pink. I like songs that have an upbeat sound to it. I don’t listen to mellow music when I run.

17. If you had the chance to meet Lucas what advice would you give him?

You’re a good person and things are going to be okay. I think sometimes he feels like there’s something wrong with him.

18. Were your high school dances as interesting as they are in Pretty Little Liars?

Yes, we use to do an annual Pirate dance where we would dress up as pirates. We also had a prom where every grade was invited because there were only like 80 kids in the school and tickets were cheap so you could invite your friends from other schools to have a full room. The theme of my sophomore prom was a black and white swing dance. My junior year was a salsa dance with non-alcoholic drinks and a Latin theme. My senior year was at an art gallery. Since the school didn’t have a gym, we would always need a venue. We once had a dance in an abandoned storefront. My freshman year was at a yacht club. The Pretty Little Liars were a little different than mine were.

19. Are you as addicted to your cell phone as the girls on Pretty Little Liars are?

I’m addicted to my apple products. I left my phone at home two weeks ago for 3 hours and I felt like something was missing from my life or I was going to missing something important.

20. How often do you tweet?

My tweeting fluctuates. I may respond to everyone or not go on for two weeks. I sometimes get bored of it or just check it cuz I have it. I’ll be more than happy to respond to those who tweet me. I love to talk to my fans even in person, so don’t hesitate to come up to me. My twitter is brendanrobinson.

21. What is your most memorable, crazy, or favorite fan encounter?

I had someone slip a note under my apartment door. Which was pretty unsettling.

22. What was your first reaction to finding out that you landed the job on Pretty Little Liars?

Originally I didn’t think that I got it. It took a really long time to review my casting tapes and normally it is a lot less time. When I got the part I was in a Barnes and Noble and I wanted to jump up and down but people may have thought I was crazy.

23. What other acting work have you done?

I was on Cold Case and did a lot of Community Theater. I did some professional plays. I’ve been working since I was about 11.

24. When you told your family we wanted to be an actor. What were their reactions? Were your parents supportive of your decision?

Initially there were some hesitations, since I was going to skip college and move to LA. They’re been beyond supportive. It wasn’t a total surprise, since I’d been doing theater for like forever.

25. If you could play anyone famous in a movie who would you want to play and why?

Tom Hanks is my idol, so I think I’d want to play him. I’ve been frequently told that remind them of him as a young person. I really look up to and respect him. He seems like a very well rounded person.

26. How what about acting in a famous movie remake? Which movie and what character would you like to play and why?

Back to the Future

27. What advice would you give to those that want to break into an acting career?

You don’t have any control over how your career is going to go and if you’re going to get a part. You can only prepare for the part by doing your homework like reading the script. Other than being prepared you can’t control how other people think. I think that’s a really important lesson because I think that it’s great to have a role model but it’s a really easy trap to try and model your career completely after someone else’s. It’s just setting up yourself for disappointment. Never give up. Don’t take praise or rejection too personally.

28. What does the future hold for Brendan Robinson?

I’m still working on Pretty Little Liars. We’ve been picked up for another 24 episodes. I’m waiting for what’s next in my career. I have also been writing a screenplay.

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