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Pretty Little Liars Star Chuck Hittinger & Queenie4ever
teen fashion designer Tatiana Mclane
    Notre Dame High School, Sherman Oaks, CA April 9, 2011
    Photo Credit: Venice Wong

My days normally consist of running around L.A. For example, the morning of the day I met Chuck Hittinger, I found myself climbing a zillion stairs leading up to the UCLA dorms whom according to the tour guide was nicknamed "the Hill". Whoever came up with that infamous name must have had a warped sense of humor, because to this new Bruin, it’s more like “THE MOUNTAIN”!!!! The stairs seemed to go on forever. After my workout session touring my new school, I rushed across town to my now former high school (I graduated on June 4, 2011 WOO!HOO!!) Notre Dame High School’s annual film festival. Thank goodness my Dad knows all the short cuts through the canyons from Westwood to Sherman Oaks, so I was able to arrive just in time to listen to a variety of panels about the on and off screen workings of the television and movie industry. Who cares if my feet ached or my tummy was growling, because I hadn’t had time to eat lunch, I was just so excited to listen to some of the most amazing people in the TV and Film Industry talk about one of my favorite topics – what it’s like to work in the entertainment industry as a successful, actor, screenwriter, director etc… And, thanks to one of my favorite teachers Ms. Elisia Harkins who organized the entire festival and panel, I began to realize that these awesome and inspiring panelists worked on some of my favorite shows!

Tatiana Mclane's favorite teacher Ms. Elisia Harkins introducing
Notre Dame High School film festival panelists
    Notre Dame High School, Sherman Oaks, CA April 9, 2011
    Photo Credit: Venice Wong

The excitement didn’t stop after the panel sessions were over.  In fact, after it was all over and to top of the amazing day I was having, I got to meet and interview gorgeous actor Chuck Hittinger who plays Sean, Hanna’s former boyfriend on one of my favorite TV shows “Pretty Little Liars”! You know who I am referring to. The tall, blonde and handsome guy who was crowned Rosewood High School’s Homecoming King last season. He’s also the character that makes me wish I was one of the show’s writers, so I could add him into more scenes just because I like his smile and his blue eyes, and I really think Hanna and Sean make the cutest All American couple just like Ken and Barbie.  And, I feel like his character could really make Hanna’s life even more complicated, and I can visualize him creating some real trouble for Rosewood. He may look like the innocent All American Boy Next Door, but what if he got a little dirt rubbed on his face?

We spoke outside my school’s auditorium for at least an hour, and I really enjoyed every moment. In person, he’s very down to earth and makes you feel comfortable being around him. He even started asking me questions about myself. That’s how he realized that we had a friend in common. We both are friends with fellow Pretty Little Liars’ cast mate Brendan Robinson who plays Lucas.(Check out my interview with Brendan Robinson

Pretty Little Liars Stars Chuck Hittinger & Ian Harding
speaking on Notre Dame High School film festival panel
attended by Tatiana Mclane Notre Dame High
School Sherman Oaks, CA April 9, 2011
    Photo Credit: Venice Wong

I told Chuck that I hadn’t seen Brendan for a few weeks, so I guess that’s why after our interview was over, Chuck said he’d say what’s up to Brendan. We said our goodbyes, and then that’s when something really weird happened.  As soon as I got in my parents’ car and we began to drive away, Brendan texted me asking if I wanted to have lunch with him the next day. Talk about a strange coincidence! I immediately tweeted Chuck this funny story, and he replied: Did Brendan sign his text with an A.  I responded:  I wish then I’d know who A was. Chuck messaged back: I think A is whoever you want it to be which leads me to believe that Lucas is either A or there are multiple A’s. Who do you want A to be? Tune into Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Premiere on Tuesday June 14, 2011, and let’s see if A is finally revealed!!!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my interview with Chuck Hittinger.

BTW Chuck actually reveals the name of the “Pretty Little Liars” guy he thinks is best for Hanna!

Princess Kisses!

XOXO Tatiana Mclane Queenie4ever

1. How would you describe your clothing style?
Jeans and a T-shirt. I really enjoy comfort. I don’t put much effort into it.

2. What made you decide to become an actor?
I didn’t really have a choice in the matter. I just wanted it. When I was 5 years old I told my mom, “Sign me up for Hollywood.”

3. What has your favorite acting role been so far?
I would really like to work more on Sean. He’s been the most challenging, because there’s not a lot to him. Kinda like a cliché character. I have to fill him in. I think my favorite acting role was on Grey’s Anatomy. I got to ad-lib and be serious yet funny at the same time. I also really enjoyed my role on Cold Case.

4. What has been the most interesting scene to film in Pretty Little Liars?
The last episode of the latest season. They did a really good job cinematography wise. I also think the writers really found their voice. 

5. Do you have a catch phrase?

6. Do you have a favorite quote?
Jim Morrison: “No one here gets out alive.” I idolized him growing up.

7. What do you do on the sets during downtime?
I hang out with the other cast members.

8. What has been your craziest fan experience so far?
When I went to L.A. Live a.k.a Jingle Ball with Brant Daugherty, Brendan Robinson, Diego Boneta, and Keegan Allen. We were mobbed by a bunch of girls. It was pretty crazy.

9. What was your favorite toy as a child?
Superman action figures.

10. Who do you want Hanna to end up with?
Caleb. I like her vulnerability when she’s with him. They have great chemistry.

11. I recently interviewed Jackson Rathbone. Have you ever met him?
Actually I have met him briefly. I opened for his band Crazy Monkeys? (He meant 100 Monkeys.) I sung with my friend who played acoustically at this really tiny club in Santa Monica. I think it’s been torn down by now. We would sing original songs but always do a cover of Dave Matthew’s Bartender.

12. What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue an acting career? 
Never stop believing in yourself.

Queenie4ever's Tatiana Mclane interviewing
Pretty Little Liars Star Chuck Hittinger
Notre Dame High School,
Sherman Oaks, CA April 9, 2011
    Photo credit: Venice Wong

13. What is next for Chuck Hittinger?
I may get the part in American Pie 4, playing a bully.

(Chuck Hittinger is currently filming American Pie 4 aka American Reunion! Congratulations on landing a Major Movie Role Chuck! I am so happy for you!)

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