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AARON CARTER: " I only choose to remember what I  never wish to forget"

Aaron Carter is living proof that fairy tales are real. From a very young age he had a dream to become a professional entertainer. He has more than fulfilled his childhood dreams when he became an iconic 90s pop star adored by fans around the world screaming his name at concerts and mouthing the words of his chart topping hit songs such as " I Want Candy", "I've got a crush on you" and " How I beat Shaq". I have firsthand experience of his charismatic powers because I was one of those little girls who fell under his spell while her Daddy held her up on his shoulders during his concerts to get a peak at her favorite singer over the sea of adoring fans jumping up and down and basically going nuts for the golden headed boy on stage who made every girl alive wish her name was "Candy".

I am now embarrassed to admit that my mouth gaped open when he walked by my table unexpectedly at the House Of Blues Sunset Strip. After all he was my 7 year old pop star crush! Aaron Carter was and shall ever be the pop prince charming of my dreams, so I find it magical that our paths keep crossing as our lives seem to intertwine with our pursuit of entertainment related careers. Aaron as a singer and mine as a fashion designer.

My first encounter with him was when I attended Aaron's Birthday Party at age 8 or 9. My entertainment lawyer parents had somehow gotten us on the guest list. It was no secret that he loved to collect beanie babies just as much as I did, so I insisted on buying him a beanie baby as a birthday present. I vaguely remember someone dragging me by the hand over to where Aaron was playing basketball. But, I didn't forget that he was taller than me and he kept hitting me in the head with his elbows as he dribbled around me. It still feels like a dream to me. A few years later, we met again.

This time, I was promoting my Fashion Brand Queenie4ever in the celebrity gifting suite at the MTV Movie Awards. I was 12 years old and I had no idea he was about to walk over to my table with his brother and sisters in tow. What was surprising was that he insisted that he had met me before. I assumed he was referring to his birthday party since I seriously could not remember until my mom tried to remind me. However, I do remember giving him and  his big brother Nick Carter my "I Heart Chinatown" T-shirts and we stood together for a WireImage photographer to take our PR photos. I loved the cute interaction between the Carter brothers as Aaron pretended to take a bite out of my fortune cookie logo while Nick laughed!  Aaron  spent a lot of time looking through my design scrapbook and asking me a lot of questions about myself and my company.

At the time, I felt he had a heart of gold because most celebrities just kind of rushed through the Hellos and photo op without really taking the time to get to know me or ask about my designs. A week or so later, a producer from "The House Of Carter's" Reality Show contacted me to  let me know that Aaron wore my T-shirt on the show in the "Dinner Time" episode. Aaron had kept his promise! His act of kindness to a young teen girl trying her best to compete with famous name brands run by adults turned out to be an amazing turning point in my fashion career. I was overcome with shock when the producer asked me if I would like to shoot a pilot for my own reality show for MTV based on the fact that I was a teen entrepreneur who had A list celebrities including Aaron Carter wearing my fashion designs!

Since that encounter,  I never stopped liking Aaron Carter's music and I kept track of his career even though he wasn't touring anymore. While he was over at CBS Studios filming "Dancing with the Stars" I was busy presenting my first runway collection during L.A. fashion Week literally a block a away on West 3rd St. One of my first celebrity supporters, Melissa Joan Hart, was also competing that night with Aaron. So, she could not attend my show, but she sent her mom and sisters to cheer me on. I remember mentioning my fondness for Aaron to them when they asked me to vote for Melissa. I was perplexed as to who to vote for!

Jump to 2013 and my parents decide to postpone my spring break trip to New York to meet with the production team I am co producing a short film " It Don't Come Easy" starring actress Evanna Lynch (Harry Potter's Luna Lovegood). As I sadly waved goodbye to my opportunity to see my favorite pop star on Broadway,  I find out (yes I follow him on Twitter and that's how I found out the news)  he is leaving "The Fantasticks" and going on tour! What? That is so surreal...And he's coming to perform in Agoura which is located near my home town? My heart is smiling again! I am so excited for not only myself but all of Aaron's fans who like myself cannot get enough of listening to his infectious songs and watching his killer dance moves.

Here's a bit of advice. If you are feeling depressed you really just need a dose of Aaron and he will cure you of your sad mood. You have to experience seeing Aaron Carter perform live on his "After Party Tour" to understand what I mean when I say he makes you feel happy to be alive! The great energy he exudes from stage makes the girls go wild. Seriously, I was almost lost and trampled under the surge of the crowd as his fans went wild trying to get as close to the front of the stage as possible while jumping up and down, screaming, and waving their hands in the air as he encouraged them to basically go nuts! 

This was a far cry from the serene backstage room I had just hung out in with Aaron before the show and the madness of his After Party went into high swing once he hit the stage. I am one lucky girl to be able to spend time with her childhood Pop Star crush Aaron Carter one on one backstage me asking him interview questions and he lounging on a couch across from me answering my questions. I wasn't sure what to expect since I haven't seen him in years but up close he looks amazing. He has grown into an extremely handsome man with a more mature attitude about life and his professional career as a singer. He still wants to make his fans happy but he knows that he has to make himself happy as well. I can see it written in his face the signs of success and struggles that come along with being famous. But he wears the pop star moniker well  just as if it was a second skin.

Perhaps because he started performing in the limelight at such a young age he has had many years to get accustomed to the celebrity lifestyle. Yet, he is just as down to earth and normal as his fans. He loves the same movies, hanging out with friends and doing silly stuff that only friends will let you get away with, he mentions his key to success and the important role his family played, offers advice for aspiring artists, and  talks a little bit about the new album he is really excited to be recording.  Also, he tells us how he makes girls feel like a princess. When you read his answer you will understand why he is mine and all of his fans all over the world's pop prince charming. True to his princely and charming personality he began and ended our meeting with big hugs and sweet kisses.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me out of the goodness of your soul. Aaron "I choose to remember your acts of kindness, charm, talent, and perseverance which took you to the top of the ladder of success as I wish never to forget your beautiful face, your loving heart, and your undying love for your fans."

Princess kisses XOXO
Tatiana Mclane Queenie4ever




1.  How would you describe your clothing style for your current tour and is it any different from what you wear every day?
Not really that different. Fitted caps. Denim jackets. American flag themed t-shirt. I pretty much have a certain image I stick to. If I have an event that's more dressy I will wear a suit.

2.  What item of clothing that you own makes you feel like a Prince Charming when you wear it?
White clothes. I have a part of my set where I change to white clothes.

3.  How did you determine the set list?
I based it on my past stuff in my previous albums. The songs that meant the most to me. Ultimately, what I thought my fans wanted to hear from me.

Pop Singer Aaron Carter, age 14 & 9 year old
Queenie4ever fashion designer Tatiana Mclane
Playing basketball at Bogart Backstage: On Tour For a Cure
Barket Hanger Santa Monica, CA November 11, 2001
photo credit: Venice Wong

4. What is the most fulfilling part of performing live?

The energy I get from the fans and doing what I love back on stage. I get to do what I love again.

5. Which do you prefer more performing on an indoor or an outdoor stage and why?
I like both. It’s fun to perform on either.

6. Is there a particular charity that you are passionate about?
The charity for my sister that passed away last year. To give help to kids who need help with rehab.

(L to R) Aaron Carter, age 18, taking a bite out the
fortune cookie logo designed by Queenie4ever
fashion designer Tatiana Mclane, age 13,
Venice Wong Queenie4ever co creator, and
Nick Carter promoting E Channel's "House Of Carters"
Reality Show - MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge
West Hollywood, CA May 31, 2006
Photo Credit: WireImage

7. Do you have a motto that you live by?

I only choose to remember what I never wish to forget.

8. How do you make the women in your life feel like Princesses?
Treat them with respect. Tell them they look pretty all the time. Just be there to catch them when they fall.

9. What is your favorite Beanie Baby?
Flutter the butterfly.

10. What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you thus far on your current tour?
Somebody came onto the stage and started doing backhand springs.

(L) Pop Singer Aaron Carter age 13 headlining the Bogart
Backstage: On  Tour For A Cure Barker Hanger Santa
Monica, CA November 2001 Photo Credit: Venice Wong
(R) Pop singer Aaron Carter, age 25 sporting his
signature All American Red, White, & Blue
style. The After Party Tour 2013 Canyon
Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

11. Who is your hero?

Captain America.

12. Are you going to incorporate any electronic dance elements into your new album? 
There definitely will be a little bit.

Pop Singer Aaron Carter & his back up dancers
Nikko Rich & Trey Rich hit the stage to
screaming  fans Canyon Club Agoura Hills,
The After Party Tour 2013
CA April 7, 2013 Photo Credit: Venice Wong

13. Are you going to work with an established producer or somebody new?

A newly established producer.

14. What effect do you think social media has made on your career?
When I stopped touring and singing social media helped me keep in contact with my fans and when I did do something my fans would know about it.

Pop Singer Aaron Carter, 25 collapses on the ground
with his 2 back up dancers as the finale to a high
energy song & dance routine on his The After Party Tour 2013
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
15. What is the most spontaneous thing you have done on this tour?
I went up into the mountains with two of my buddies and listened to the Lord of the Rings sound track and danced around like we were hobbits.

16. What do you think is the key or secret to your success?
Probably my upbringing. Especially my mom who dedicated a lot of passion for me and my career.

17. What advice would you give to an aspiring entertainer who looks up to you as a role model?
Performing can be something like a routine that you are performing because you really just like doing it naturally and not because you are being forced to or you are getting paid to do it because it's part of a job.  It is important to understand the difference between being an entertainer and where you truly came from. Always stay appreciative of the people who help you.

Pop Singer Aaron Carter, 25 working the crowd and making
his fangirls go wild with his sexy dance moves
& killer good looks. The After Party Tour 2013
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

Pop Singer Aaron Carter along with his crew raising their
hands about to take a bow as the finale to a high energy
show while his fans scream his name for an encore.
The After Party Tour
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
Queenie4ever celebrity blogger & fashion designer
Tatiana Mclane 20, wearing her signature bow tiara
& babydoll dress from her new Queenie4ever runway
collection asking interview questions sitting
across from Pop Star Aaron Carter, 25 backstage @
The After Party Tour 2013
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

Queenie4ever celebrity blogger & fashion designer
Tatiana Mclane, 20  sits across from gorgeous Pop Star
Aaron Carter, 25  asking interview questions while he
relaxes on a comfy couch backstage before he gets
ready to hit the stage on his The After Party Tour 2013
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

 Aaron Carter, 25 looking every inch the handsome iconic
American pop star he has matured into
grants an exclusive interview to Queenie4ever
celebrity blogger & fashion designer
Tatiana Mclane, 20 on his The After Party Tour 2013
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

Pop Star Aaron Carter, 25 reading a poem written by
Queenie4ever celebrity blogger & fashion designer
Tatiana Mclane, 20 especially for him as a thank
you gift of love & gratitude for his kindness
& supportof her fashion career.
The After Party Tour
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

Pop Star Aaron Carter, 25 poses with Queenie4ever
celebrity blogger and fashion designer Tatiana Mclane, 20
after his exclusive interview for Queenie4ever Blog
"A Fashion Fairytale" by Tatiana Mclane.
The After Party Tour
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Pop Star Aaron Carter & Queenie4ever celebrity blogger
& fashion designer Tatiana Mclane are all smiles
hanging out together for the Meet N' Greet
The After Party Tour 2013
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Carter Management Group
Pop Star Aaron Carter showing Queenie4ever celebrity
blogger & fashion designer Tatiana Mclane
some love with a passionate kiss on the cheek at the
Meet N' Greet. The After Party Tour 2013
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA  April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Carter Management Group
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