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George Northy may have begun his career in advertising, but he recently segued his way into becoming one of America's hottest new screenwriters to hit Hollywood on its' head as a wakeup call to realize that he held the golden ticket to success on the big screen. Yup! A script that was not only filled with a serious LGBT issue taking place on every high school campus from the sunny shores of California to the snowy banks of his east coast home town, but also an important lesson wrapped up in a humorous comedy which shows the ridiculousness of stereotyping gay males as the latest "It" accessory of the season similar to a designer brand logo handbag or pair of high heels with the signature red sole. As an outcast, it may seem cool and exciting at first to be the object of the high school Clique Queens' affections as their new G.B.F., but it comes at a price. The main character, Tanner played by Michael J. Willett, soon finds out as he begins to lose his identity, his real friends, and his dignity. He willingly is re made into these girls' version of what a G.B.F. should dress and act like complete with a personality and wardrobe makeover. The point screenwriter George Northy drives at throughout the funny and quotable one liners between the characters is simple: People are not accessories. Being Gay is not a popularity contest. It is a sexual orientation that deserves societies' respect.

The first time I met George Northy was on the set of G.B.F., it was sort of surreal to actually meet my character, May-Eve's , creator. Just because most screen writers do not hang out on set. I wasn't sure who this guy was as he appeared as if he could have been part of the crew by the way he was walking back and forth while us cast members were waiting for wardrobe. However, he was more smartly dressed than the typical crew member whose uniform usually consists of a band t shirt and shorts which gave me a clue that he was someone special. And, my guess was correct. He turned out to be the writer who penned to life the quirky yet hilarious Gay Straight Alliance member, May-Eve. I feel lucky to have been chosen to bring his vision of this high school misfit to life on the big screen and as part of the G.B.F. family. George made me feel that I was playing a very special character that day as he mentioned in his chipper tone of voice: " May-Eve is the name he would give his daughter if he had one" So, I felt a deep connection to him as if he was my character's father. I hope that my performance made you proud Papa George!

I have seen G.B.F. in its entirety twice. And, each time it keeps getting more and more intriguing as I finally get something one of the characters makes reference to or I notice subtle details in the background that I did not notice before that really starts to help me put this whole GBF puzzle together. It really is like a giant yearbook that you have to keep flipping through the pages over and over again in case you missed yourself hidden in one of the photo collages! Or, you are featured on the Best Hair page and missed it the first flip through because you were so excited to see if your hair looked nice in the GSA Club Photo lol! I could go on and on about how cool this movie is, how all your favorite stars from all your favorite TV Series and Movie Franchises are in G.B.F., how much fashion eye candy is worn by one of the most drop dead gorgeous casts I have ever seen or been a part of,

This is a before and after shot of what Tatiana Mclane looked like before G.B.F. Hair and Makeup and G.B.F. Costume Dept. transformed her into screenwriter George Northy's character May-Eve. Don't you just love the glasses?
Photo Credit: Tatiana Mclane
But enough of that. Just do yourself a favor and take a friend or two because it's that kind of movie experience where it's so much better when you have someone to share in the experience and talk and laugh and believe me you won't be able to stop talking about G.B.F. and hopefully you will recover from your sides splitting for an hour and 32 minutes to realize that you just have to go see it again!

Princess Kisses! xoxo
Tatiana Mclane Queenie4ever

PS: G.B.F. is now in a theater near you as of January 17, 2014 and available on iTunes
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1. Since this is also a fashion blog, I am sure that my readers would be interested in hearing about your personal fashion style. How would you describe your clothing style.
I'm not a very fashion-focused person myself. I love to watch runway shows and things like Project Runway and I can appreciate beautiful clothes, but I generally wear simple t-shirts and jeans every day. I do have some more stylish clothes from TopShop though.
Here's G.B.F. Actress Tatiana Mclane with Screenwriter George Northy on the left
and with lead actor Michael J. Willett who plays Tanner still wearing her May-Eve
costume celebrating the last day of filming. It's a wrap! 
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
2. Since you have been attending film festivals to promote G.B.F. so often, how do you chose what to wear on the red carpet? Who helps you pick out your red carpet outfits? Do you have a professional stylist or is there someone such as a friend or relative who helps you pick out your wardrobe or are you a Do it yourself-er in the wardrobe department?
My boyfriend works in fashion so he can help sometimes. But generally I just go to TopShop for my red carpet looks.
3. Is there an item of clothing in your closet that makes you feel like a Prince when you wear it?
Not really!
Look how excited G.B.F.actress Tatiana Mclane aka May-Eve is to get her copy of
the North Gateway High 2013 Yearbook! Go see G.B.F. if you want a peek inside the pages! Find out who won Best Hair? And check out the photos on the big screen of so many more great memories of the year the clique Queens decided to vie for the newest accessory- A Gay Best Friend! 
Photo Credit: Tatiana Mclane

Andrea Bowman who plays 'Shley (L) with Tatiana Mclane who plays May-Eve (R) on the last day of filming G.B.F. Written by George Northy and directed by Darren Stein
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

4. What were you like as a child? How old were you when you decided to become a screenwriter? Why did you choose to Major in Advertising and Sociology as an undergrad instead of concentrating in areas most people would think a screenwriter would study such as attending film school? Do you think that your college experience at Syracuse helped you to become a better writer? If yes, in what way?
I didn't really think I'd become a screenwriter in college. I was more focused on a career in advertising than anything else, which is why I chose those majors. I do think my experiences at Syracuse and the time I spent working in a field outside of film helped to give me outside perspectives on the world of screenwriting, so I can come into things with a different point of view!

Here's a photo taken of Xosha Roquemore as Caprice (L) and Tatiana Mclane as
May-Eve on set still in costume immediately after wrapping filming on G.B.F. Movie
written by George Northy and directed by Darren Stein
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
5. When was the first time you knew that you were meant to be a screenwriter?
I took a screenwriting class in NYC while I was working in advertising. As soon as I started writing in the screenwriting format, it just came so naturally and was so much fun, I knew that I wanted to pursue it full time.
6. When you first began taking a screenwriting class was it with the intention of exploring it as a part time gig or as a possible full time career change from working in the world of advertising?
I really took the class just for fun and to escape the dullness of my day job. I was getting burnt out at work and needed some creative stimulation. I never guessed it would turn into a career .

Having fun at the cast/crew wrap party are Sasha Pieterse who plays Fawcett (L) and
Tatiana Mclane who plays May-Eve (R) in G.B.F. Movie written by George Northy and
directed by Darren Stein @ Boardners Hollywood, Ca
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
7. Is there a little bit of you in the G.B.F. main character Tanner played by Michael J. Willett and how would you describe that similarity as far as what you were like as a teen in high school?
Tanner definitely has a lot of me in him. I was (and still am) an introverted comic book geek who didn't always get into the right stereotypes. I often preferred flying under the radar and riding the coattails of my flashier friends .
8. Why did you chose to work in advertising as your first career choice after college? What was the attraction? Is there something about working in the world of advertising that helped you become the intuitive and entertaining screenwriter today who created a script that has the possibility of becoming an iconic coming of age movie?
I wanted to work in advertising because I wanted to be creative but also have a steady income. The income was always nice, but as the job got less and less creative, I realized I needed a change.

Two amazing actresses Evanna Lynch who plays Mckenzie Price and Tatiana Mclane who plays May-Eve in G.B.F. Movie written by George Northy and Directed by Darren Stein having fun at @ Boardners Hollywood, Ca (G.B.F. Wrap Party)
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
 9. Do you think working on G.B.F. as the screenwriter may have been the key to getting you the job as a writer on MTV's Faking It?
Yes! G.B .F.  was the script that got me noticed at MTV and it's the script my boss Carter Covington read that convinced him to hire me! So it 100% was the key!
10. If you were going to add one more scene to the movie what would it be and why?
Maybe one more scene of just Tanner and Brent, since they're the heart of the movie. 

Molly Tarlov(L) who plays Sophie and Tatiana Mclane who plays May-Eve enjoying a
first time screening of the trailer for G.B.F. Movie written by George Northy and
directed by Darren Stein @ the Wrap Party Boardners Hollywood, CA
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
11. What was the scene that flowed from to pen to paper in its' entirety without you really thinking about it?
Anytime I was writing for Caprice, the dialogue flowed really easily. But all the teen scenes flowed pretty well. I think the harder scenes for me to write were the adult characters and the more dramatic moments.

Paul Iacono who plays Brent Van Camp (L) with Tatiana Mclane who plays May-Eve
having a blast at the Wrap Party for G.B.F. movie written By George Northy and
directed by Darren Stein @ Boardners Hollywood, Ca
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
12. What do you hope that the audience will get out of watching G.B.F.?
I hope they see a film that gives them joy, makes them feel and that they'll want to watch over and over!

JoJo Levesque who plays my GSA Club Leader Soledad (L) and me Tatiana Mclane (R) who plays May-Eve in G.B .F. movie written by George Northy and directed by Darren Stein. The private cast/crew screening @ Downtown Independent Los Angeles, Ca
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
13. If you were going to write a sequel to G.B.F., would you show the characters in college or introduce  new characters in the same high school dealing with similar issues who are aware of what happened to Tanner in the first movie. In other words, G.B.F. the second generation cast who deal with similar LGBT issues.
I think I'd go the second generation route. But if would be quite fun to get the gang back together for college as well! 

Proudly posing in front of the G.B.F. Movie Poster Marquee with my character's creator George Northy! Ah hello I'm Tatiana Mclane and I play the hilarious high school misfit and GSA Club Member May-Eve! I wouldn't exist if George hadn't brought me out of his imagination to the big screen! Now Playing in theaters and available on VOD I present you teen comedy G.B.F. Written By George Northy and Directed by Darren Stein @ Downtown Independent
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
14. What advice would you give to an aspiring screenwriter?
Write as much as you can. And write things you can make yourself, even if it's on an iPhone with a bunch of your friends. You'll learn more by doing it than you'd ever learn in a class. Lots of people write pilots and screenplays, be one of the people who makes something, no matter how cheaply or simply. Don't just be a writer, be a filmmaker.

Check out the official trailer for teen comedy G.B.F. written by George Northy and directed by Darren Stein.
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