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New Interview Feature in Honor Of Mother's Day. The Queenie4ever Creators Venice Wong and Tatiana McLane answering questions on what it takes to make this mom/daughter designing duo and business partners a fashion fairytale success!

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Sunday, March 12, 2017


Hello Fashion Darlings!

The Queeniegirls, Venice and Tatiana, have been super busy building up a brand new addition to Queenie4ever Company! We are proud to announce the grand opening of the Queenie4ever Costume Design and Wardrobe Studio which you can follow our projects & fun budget friendly fashion tips here on our Facebook Business Like page: https://www.facebook.com/Queeniegirls/

Queenie4ever Wardrobe & Costume Studio | Facebook

We are already super busy working on several Film Costume Design & Wardrobe Styling Projects. So stay tuned for all the exciting news from our Hollywood based fashion empire!

Please direct all Inquires regarding booking the Queeniegirls for your costume design & Wardrobe Styling projects via our company email: info@queenie4ever.com

Enchantingly Yours,

Venice Wong and Tatiana McLane

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


There's a hilarious comedy play "Meet and Greet" showing in Los Angeles that I was invited to see by my good friend Brendan Robinson (Lucas from "Pretty Little Liars") who plays the casting assistant along with four amazing actresses who play actresses competing for the same TV Show role. As a fellow actress, I appreciate the way a script is written and how the lines are delivered as it is this combination that determines its' success with an audience. I quickly looked up who wrote the script and found out it was a guy named Stan Zimmerman with a laundry list of credits that included one successful sitcom after another. I was lucky enough to first meet this genius screenwriter, director, and producer of such hit sitcoms such as "Golden Girls" and "Gilmore Girls" after the show and then later found myself greeting him at my parents' entertainment law offices to sit down for a personal interview about his success story. Some people do not find their calling that early in life, but Stan was obviously an early bloomer as he was already creating complete television programming in his room by age ten and trying to compete with the major networks. These obvious signs of an entrepreneurial spirit from a youngster shows he was well on his way to succeeding in show business. His passion was not just a hobby like building a train set in his room for fun. Just the opposite, he was creating a soundstage within the confines of his boyhood bedroom for his future screenwriting debut in the real world as a young adult fresh from NYU eager to enter the entertainment world now as an educated  professional. And, the millions of viewers who this visionary has breathed life into characters they identify with, chuckle, even double over from side splitting laughter at the humor he hums into their lines. including myself, can claim Stan is the man with the gift of gab and guffaw that anyone with a sense of humor can find relatable and relaxing after a hard day. "Even when tough things happen, try to find the humor in the situation" - Stan Zimmerman

Brendan Robinson (Lucas from Pretty Little Liars) (L) standing outside Theatre-Asylum-Elephant Space located at 6322 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90038 with Tatiana Mclane (R) where Brendan is starring in "Meet and Greet" (a new comedy play) written by Stan Zimmerman and Christian McLaughlin and directed by Stan Zimmerman. Go see Brendan along with his 4 leading ladies Daniele Gaither (MADTV), Teresa Ganzel (Tonight Show),Carolyn Hennesy (General Hospital) and Viki Lewis (News Radio)! It will leave you in a fit of giggles!
Photo Credit: Venice Wong 

1. Describe your personal clothing style. Does it differ from when you are working in your creative mode vs. your daily life?
I don’t know why, but I really like wearing other people’s clothing. Especially vintage. I like mixing and matching vintage with current trends. I will always be wearing some kind of vintage piece. When I was working on "Rita Rocks", for the live audience shows, I would dress up. I was known for my vintage ties and cardigans. I have a walk in closet and people are always like, you have so many shoes. I can’t bring myself to get rid of my clothes because I hope that I can someday bring them back if it becomes in trend again. Right now, I’m more into the classic style. I also really like vintage patterns but not so much the comical ones even though I’m a comedy writer.  

2. It seems like your success story as an entertainment entrepreneur began at a very early age when you began creating your own TV Network in your bedroom at age ten. How do you think that experience prepared you for working in the entertainment industry today?
I was nuts. I was unpopular and wouldn’t play sports, so I would stay in my bedroom making this TV network. Even though it was all in my head. I would draw my own ads. I would see what the other networks were running so I would make a block of shows, such as sitcoms, to compete with them. I wasn’t that good in English class, but I knew I wanted to be a writer for TV and I knew I wanted a writing partner.

3. Are there any other talents that you have that have turned out to be an asset to seeing your creative vision come to life?
I’m a big drawer. I do set design since it’s in my head already. I always pick out the nicest fabric, such as for my house. Yet, it somehow always turns out to be the most expensive. I added a two room addition to my house. They said it would take seven months, but it took seven years. I envisioned it being done and beautiful and it happened. Just like the play, I envisioned great actors in the parts and it happened. 
4. If you were only allowed to watch one Television channel for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
I know this is so cliché but, "Bravo". I actually did a reality show for them. It was to make a sitcom from script to screen. I liked being on camera. It was fun. I was also producing "Gilmore Girls" during this time. I had a crazy schedule that somehow everyone tolerated. Somehow, I did feel energized because I was just getting to do what I love.

5. I noticed that a lot of your projects that you have worked on have been geared towards a demographic of older women. Was this intentional on your part or were you hired to specifically write for these types of shows?
I was just hired to write for them. There are so few shows that are geared towards more mature women. It's not as difficult to come up with dialogue for them since they’re more in touch with their feelings, as men just shrug their shoulders as an expression of emotion.

6. Do you think you have a clear sense of humor to the point that someone can tell you wrote a specific joke or line?
People have come to the show and say, “Oh, I can so hear you in your work!” I think I like to write witty, smart lines that come out of a character. I don't think of myself as a joke writer. 

The amazingly funny comedic screenwriter of your favorite sitcoms, Stan Zimmerman (L)  sharing some of his career's funniest moments with Queenie4ever celebrity blogger Tatiana Mclane (R) during his interview which took place at Tatiana's parents' music and entertainment law firm (Mclane and Wong) located in the NoHo Arts District North Hollywood, California.
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

7. It says on your website that you DJ. As a big fan of music, I find that really cool. What is your DJ name and what is your playlist like?
Z Man, DJ Z, I haven’t quite found the perfect name. I just started doing it for people’s birthday parties. I did do a club once called the Falcon. I love old school funk and R&B. Where there was a Hollywood party in the basement of the Max Factor Museum. It has the props from the Silence of the Lambs in it. I DJ’d the party from inside the freight elevator that the guests had to take to get to the party. It had a disco ball in it. I wore a costume of a tight muscle t-shirt and a hat. No one recognized me. 

8. What was the casting for "Meet & Greet" like?
We had table reads as my version of auditions at my round coffee table at home.

9. How did the sets differ from the first show until now?
At the Fringe Festival, we had a very small set. Because we were only given 15 minutes  between plays we could only quickly set up a couch, cheap table for the casting assistant and hang three movie posters.  But the next time we did it, we had a real set that did not include an Ikea table.  

10. What is the cast of "Meet & Greet" like?
Doing this play, we have become like a little family, with no infighting. It’s such a great tight ensemble. Everyone has their shining moment. They really enjoy being up there. Maybe a Tony award would change that. I hope not, but a nice ensemble award would be nice. We don’t see each other during the week but on the weekend. We’ll be like oh my God, how was your week? I love hearing their stories.

11.If you were going to add another female character to the cast of "Meet and Greet", who is auditioning for the part of Andrea, what type of actress would this character be typecast as?
A drag queen, transsexual, or YouTube star. Someone came to the show who was a telenovela star. They said they would like to do an all Latin cast in Miami. It might also be fun to have the whole cast be drag queens.   

12. Was "Meet and Greet" written with plans to try to pitch it as a sitcom in the future?
No. I never wanted to write a play only sitcoms. When I direct, I like doing preexisting works so that the lines are the same. I was told by Larry Hirschhorn to write about my life, but I wrote about something in my life. I think it’s horrible what we put actresses through. They are waiting in a room with their competition and are expected to go in and land the part. 

A last glimpse of Queenie4ever celebrity blogger Tatiana Mclane (L) with one of Hollywood's most successful screenwriter/producer/director Stan Zimmerman(R) hanging out on the vintage red velvet settee in her parents' music and entertainment law firm (Mclane and Wong) located in the NoHo Arts District North Hollywood, California.
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

13. What do you want the audience to take away from watching "Meet & Greet"?
I just want them to have a good time for an hour and twenty minutes. I think it’s an interesting subject to explore, people wanting fame and if you do get a taste of fame would you be willing to give it up? When people are laughing I think they take away more of a lesson. I pick the playlist before the show. It’s all songs about fame and fortune.

14. What is your advice to someone who aspires to be in the entertainment industry?
What I tell my acting students is that there is success on the back wall. If you want to get to success you need to push the obstacles away, so you can get to the wall. Sometimes we’re our own obstacle, and sometimes your obstacle is someone that you have allowed to get in your way. You need to say no I have somewhere to be and push them out of the way. If you really want it, visual a clear path. You have a unique perspective on the world. Everything you listen to and experience shapes who are. Even when tough things happen, try to find the humor in the situation. 

15. What is next for Stan Zimmerman?
My weekday writing partner is, James Berg. We’re currently finishing up a pilot for Jessie McCartney for ABC Family. It’s called, "Piece of Work". It's a cross between the movies, "Devil Wears Prada" and "The Proposal". My Weekend writing partner is Christian McLaughlin, who co-wrote "Meet & Greet" with me. We got the rights to do a musical using 40 TV show themes such as, "I Love Lucy" and "True Blood" with my weekend partner. Christian wrote meet and greet with me. I am also working on my dream of directing a movie. It will be called "The Homecoming Queen is Going Down". The storyline is that they have a revote for homecoming queen 20 years later. The cheerleader won the 1st time, but she has gained weight. Yet, she doesn’t want to lose. It’s in the mode of "Bridesmaid".

I highly recommend that you round up a bunch of friends and go experience this super hilarious play with an all star cast guaranteed to have you laughing in your seats, then go have coffee and have a gab fest about all the lines that make you giggle with glee!!!

CLICK THE LINK FOR TICKETS: www.theatreasylum-la.com
To Learn More About Stan Zimmerman: www.zimmermanstan.com

Princess Kisses! xoxo
Tatiana Mclane Queenie4ever
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Thursday, January 16, 2014



George Northy may have begun his career in advertising, but he recently segued his way into becoming one of America's hottest new screenwriters to hit Hollywood on its' head as a wakeup call to realize that he held the golden ticket to success on the big screen. Yup! A script that was not only filled with a serious LGBT issue taking place on every high school campus from the sunny shores of California to the snowy banks of his east coast home town, but also an important lesson wrapped up in a humorous comedy which shows the ridiculousness of stereotyping gay males as the latest "It" accessory of the season similar to a designer brand logo handbag or pair of high heels with the signature red sole. As an outcast, it may seem cool and exciting at first to be the object of the high school Clique Queens' affections as their new G.B.F., but it comes at a price. The main character, Tanner played by Michael J. Willett, soon finds out as he begins to lose his identity, his real friends, and his dignity. He willingly is re made into these girls' version of what a G.B.F. should dress and act like complete with a personality and wardrobe makeover. The point screenwriter George Northy drives at throughout the funny and quotable one liners between the characters is simple: People are not accessories. Being Gay is not a popularity contest. It is a sexual orientation that deserves societies' respect.

The first time I met George Northy was on the set of G.B.F., it was sort of surreal to actually meet my character, May-Eve's , creator. Just because most screen writers do not hang out on set. I wasn't sure who this guy was as he appeared as if he could have been part of the crew by the way he was walking back and forth while us cast members were waiting for wardrobe. However, he was more smartly dressed than the typical crew member whose uniform usually consists of a band t shirt and shorts which gave me a clue that he was someone special. And, my guess was correct. He turned out to be the writer who penned to life the quirky yet hilarious Gay Straight Alliance member, May-Eve. I feel lucky to have been chosen to bring his vision of this high school misfit to life on the big screen and as part of the G.B.F. family. George made me feel that I was playing a very special character that day as he mentioned in his chipper tone of voice: " May-Eve is the name he would give his daughter if he had one" So, I felt a deep connection to him as if he was my character's father. I hope that my performance made you proud Papa George!

I have seen G.B.F. in its entirety twice. And, each time it keeps getting more and more intriguing as I finally get something one of the characters makes reference to or I notice subtle details in the background that I did not notice before that really starts to help me put this whole GBF puzzle together. It really is like a giant yearbook that you have to keep flipping through the pages over and over again in case you missed yourself hidden in one of the photo collages! Or, you are featured on the Best Hair page and missed it the first flip through because you were so excited to see if your hair looked nice in the GSA Club Photo lol! I could go on and on about how cool this movie is, how all your favorite stars from all your favorite TV Series and Movie Franchises are in G.B.F., how much fashion eye candy is worn by one of the most drop dead gorgeous casts I have ever seen or been a part of,

This is a before and after shot of what Tatiana Mclane looked like before G.B.F. Hair and Makeup and G.B.F. Costume Dept. transformed her into screenwriter George Northy's character May-Eve. Don't you just love the glasses?
Photo Credit: Tatiana Mclane
But enough of that. Just do yourself a favor and take a friend or two because it's that kind of movie experience where it's so much better when you have someone to share in the experience and talk and laugh and believe me you won't be able to stop talking about G.B.F. and hopefully you will recover from your sides splitting for an hour and 32 minutes to realize that you just have to go see it again!

Princess Kisses! xoxo
Tatiana Mclane Queenie4ever

PS: G.B.F. is now in a theater near you as of January 17, 2014 and available on iTunes
Follow George Northy on Twitter:
Check out G.B.F. happenings here:

1. Since this is also a fashion blog, I am sure that my readers would be interested in hearing about your personal fashion style. How would you describe your clothing style.
I'm not a very fashion-focused person myself. I love to watch runway shows and things like Project Runway and I can appreciate beautiful clothes, but I generally wear simple t-shirts and jeans every day. I do have some more stylish clothes from TopShop though.
Here's G.B.F. Actress Tatiana Mclane with Screenwriter George Northy on the left
and with lead actor Michael J. Willett who plays Tanner still wearing her May-Eve
costume celebrating the last day of filming. It's a wrap! 
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
2. Since you have been attending film festivals to promote G.B.F. so often, how do you chose what to wear on the red carpet? Who helps you pick out your red carpet outfits? Do you have a professional stylist or is there someone such as a friend or relative who helps you pick out your wardrobe or are you a Do it yourself-er in the wardrobe department?
My boyfriend works in fashion so he can help sometimes. But generally I just go to TopShop for my red carpet looks.
3. Is there an item of clothing in your closet that makes you feel like a Prince when you wear it?
Not really!
Look how excited G.B.F.actress Tatiana Mclane aka May-Eve is to get her copy of
the North Gateway High 2013 Yearbook! Go see G.B.F. if you want a peek inside the pages! Find out who won Best Hair? And check out the photos on the big screen of so many more great memories of the year the clique Queens decided to vie for the newest accessory- A Gay Best Friend! 
Photo Credit: Tatiana Mclane

Andrea Bowman who plays 'Shley (L) with Tatiana Mclane who plays May-Eve (R) on the last day of filming G.B.F. Written by George Northy and directed by Darren Stein
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

4. What were you like as a child? How old were you when you decided to become a screenwriter? Why did you choose to Major in Advertising and Sociology as an undergrad instead of concentrating in areas most people would think a screenwriter would study such as attending film school? Do you think that your college experience at Syracuse helped you to become a better writer? If yes, in what way?
I didn't really think I'd become a screenwriter in college. I was more focused on a career in advertising than anything else, which is why I chose those majors. I do think my experiences at Syracuse and the time I spent working in a field outside of film helped to give me outside perspectives on the world of screenwriting, so I can come into things with a different point of view!

Here's a photo taken of Xosha Roquemore as Caprice (L) and Tatiana Mclane as
May-Eve on set still in costume immediately after wrapping filming on G.B.F. Movie
written by George Northy and directed by Darren Stein
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
5. When was the first time you knew that you were meant to be a screenwriter?
I took a screenwriting class in NYC while I was working in advertising. As soon as I started writing in the screenwriting format, it just came so naturally and was so much fun, I knew that I wanted to pursue it full time.
6. When you first began taking a screenwriting class was it with the intention of exploring it as a part time gig or as a possible full time career change from working in the world of advertising?
I really took the class just for fun and to escape the dullness of my day job. I was getting burnt out at work and needed some creative stimulation. I never guessed it would turn into a career .

Having fun at the cast/crew wrap party are Sasha Pieterse who plays Fawcett (L) and
Tatiana Mclane who plays May-Eve (R) in G.B.F. Movie written by George Northy and
directed by Darren Stein @ Boardners Hollywood, Ca
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
7. Is there a little bit of you in the G.B.F. main character Tanner played by Michael J. Willett and how would you describe that similarity as far as what you were like as a teen in high school?
Tanner definitely has a lot of me in him. I was (and still am) an introverted comic book geek who didn't always get into the right stereotypes. I often preferred flying under the radar and riding the coattails of my flashier friends .
8. Why did you chose to work in advertising as your first career choice after college? What was the attraction? Is there something about working in the world of advertising that helped you become the intuitive and entertaining screenwriter today who created a script that has the possibility of becoming an iconic coming of age movie?
I wanted to work in advertising because I wanted to be creative but also have a steady income. The income was always nice, but as the job got less and less creative, I realized I needed a change.

Two amazing actresses Evanna Lynch who plays Mckenzie Price and Tatiana Mclane who plays May-Eve in G.B.F. Movie written by George Northy and Directed by Darren Stein having fun at @ Boardners Hollywood, Ca (G.B.F. Wrap Party)
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
 9. Do you think working on G.B.F. as the screenwriter may have been the key to getting you the job as a writer on MTV's Faking It?
Yes! G.B .F.  was the script that got me noticed at MTV and it's the script my boss Carter Covington read that convinced him to hire me! So it 100% was the key!
10. If you were going to add one more scene to the movie what would it be and why?
Maybe one more scene of just Tanner and Brent, since they're the heart of the movie. 

Molly Tarlov(L) who plays Sophie and Tatiana Mclane who plays May-Eve enjoying a
first time screening of the trailer for G.B.F. Movie written by George Northy and
directed by Darren Stein @ the Wrap Party Boardners Hollywood, CA
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
11. What was the scene that flowed from to pen to paper in its' entirety without you really thinking about it?
Anytime I was writing for Caprice, the dialogue flowed really easily. But all the teen scenes flowed pretty well. I think the harder scenes for me to write were the adult characters and the more dramatic moments.

Paul Iacono who plays Brent Van Camp (L) with Tatiana Mclane who plays May-Eve
having a blast at the Wrap Party for G.B.F. movie written By George Northy and
directed by Darren Stein @ Boardners Hollywood, Ca
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
12. What do you hope that the audience will get out of watching G.B.F.?
I hope they see a film that gives them joy, makes them feel and that they'll want to watch over and over!

JoJo Levesque who plays my GSA Club Leader Soledad (L) and me Tatiana Mclane (R) who plays May-Eve in G.B .F. movie written by George Northy and directed by Darren Stein. The private cast/crew screening @ Downtown Independent Los Angeles, Ca
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
13. If you were going to write a sequel to G.B.F., would you show the characters in college or introduce  new characters in the same high school dealing with similar issues who are aware of what happened to Tanner in the first movie. In other words, G.B.F. the second generation cast who deal with similar LGBT issues.
I think I'd go the second generation route. But if would be quite fun to get the gang back together for college as well! 

Proudly posing in front of the G.B.F. Movie Poster Marquee with my character's creator George Northy! Ah hello I'm Tatiana Mclane and I play the hilarious high school misfit and GSA Club Member May-Eve! I wouldn't exist if George hadn't brought me out of his imagination to the big screen! Now Playing in theaters and available on VOD I present you teen comedy G.B.F. Written By George Northy and Directed by Darren Stein @ Downtown Independent
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
14. What advice would you give to an aspiring screenwriter?
Write as much as you can. And write things you can make yourself, even if it's on an iPhone with a bunch of your friends. You'll learn more by doing it than you'd ever learn in a class. Lots of people write pilots and screenplays, be one of the people who makes something, no matter how cheaply or simply. Don't just be a writer, be a filmmaker.

Check out the official trailer for teen comedy G.B.F. written by George Northy and directed by Darren Stein.
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Youtube Star Ricky Ficarelli Interview - "My Prince Charming is the Drummer" by Tatiana Mclane

Hey girls! I have to warn you that you won't be able to contain your emotions if you ever get lucky enough to meet the most adorable under 25 drummer on the planet right now. Yup! I'm talking about Youtube star Ricky Ficarelli. The 20 year old handsome Italian hottie sports a mop top head of wavy brown hair, big brown eyes, and a naughty smile even while he's rocking out on his drum set to a cover of your favorite song or playing with his new band King The Kid.

Photo Credit: Venice Wong

I got the chance to meet Ricky for the first time the day after I had spent an entire day modeling for Betsey Johnson for her Prom line at her Topanga Mall Boutique. Playing the part of a gothic prom queen can be fun, but it is exhausting playing a human mannequin posing in a store window while shoppers gawk at you. So, I can somewhat relate to how Ricky must feel when he has a whole venue of girls fans screaming his name or trying to a sneak peek through his tour bus curtains. It's exciting, yet a little creepy! lol! Back to my first Ricky Ficarelli encounter. I was eating with my music lawyer parents who rep Ricky at a restaurant on Venice Beach Boardwalk. I was still groggy from yesterday's modeling gig, so I was sporting a pair of sunglasses to hide my tired eyes when my Dad waves a gorgeous guy over to our table. God! I scream on the inside. This guy is so cute! I slowly push my chair back and try not to fall over as his hotness has made me weak in the knees. Finally in an upright position, I put on my sweetest smile as my dad introduces me to the hottest drummer on earth! Thanks Papa! It's times like this that I thank my lucky stars I'm your daughter.

Old School Lois Lane style, I take out my notepad and trusty pen and walk out of the restaurant into the Venice Beach sunshine to conduct my interview with Ricky. He tags along like an eager puppy dog following me to spot smack dab in the middle of the Boardwalk. But, hey I thought it was a cool place for an interview for a first timer from Wellington, Florida to talk about himself while hanging out amongst the cool California Venice Beach crowd.

Photo Credit: Venice Wong

Ricky was eloquent and pretty precise about what he wanted to do with his music career. He began drumming at a very early age after discovering an old drum kit of his Dad's. He was a natural. And his parents picked up on his amazing musical talents eventually hiring a drum instructor and supporting their son's desire to become a professional drummer. Richard Sr and Karen should be proud of their son's accomplishments as he has become one of the world's most famous Youtube drummers under age 25. With millions of hits on his Youtube drum cover videos, his dreams of drumming for a living have become a reality. Headlining the Digitour twice was a super nice treat for his Youtube fans to see him drumming live for other Youtube stars including Dave Daves.

Youtube drum cover fame wasn't enough for ambitious Ricky Ficarelli. He wanted to play with his own band and tour the world, so he could finally meet his fans in person and not just on the internet via Youtube. I am so glad he finally put together an amazing band! With a regal moniker "King The Kid", these three guys are destined to rule the pop rock world.

Photo Credit: Venice Wong

Ricky Ficarelli is currently on Tour with his band King The Kid. Check out Ricky's and the band's websites and Facebook like pages to see when they will be in your hometown so you too can see why " My Prince Charming is the Drummer".

See King The Kid perform: http://www.youtube.com/KingtheKid

See Ricky Ficarelli with King The Kid on Tour: www.kingthekid.com

Princess Kisses xoxo

Tatiana Mclane Queenie4ever
P.S. Ricky Ficarelli was the gorgeous model for my Queenie4ever fashion shoot " My Prince Charming is the Drummer." Check it out at www.queenie4ever.com

Photo Credit: Venice Wong

1. How would you describe your clothing style?
I’d describe it as pop rock. I got the whole skinny jeans look going on. I’m just a normal guy. Sometimes I wear semi casual other times jeans and a t-shirt.  

2. What has been the most fun you’ve had in Los Angeles?
Going to Santa Monica Pier. I went on all the roller coasters and stuff.  

3. Do you have a catch phrase?
I say legit a lot. 

Photo Credit: Venice Wong

4. Do you have a name for your fans yet?
Not yet. Maybe in the future.  

5. What inspired you to start drumming?
My dad played drums when he was younger. So there was a drum set just laying around the house. I started learning at 11 or 12 and it turned into a passion.  

6. How do you decide what songs you cover on Youtube? 
It’s based on the requests I get by fans or personal preferences. Whatever people seem to want.  

7. What is a typical day like for you?
I’ve been practicing and rehearsing a lot to get ready to hit the road. 

Photo Credit: Venice Wong

8. Have you had any memorable fan experiences yet?
The 1st time I received fan mail was from a girl all the way in Germany 4-5 months ago. I’ve also had a handful of times where people have noticed me when I’m just walking around.  

9. What was your favorite toy as a child?
I was really into Dragon Ball Z during my childhood. I had all of the action figures. I still actually play the video games.  

10. Do you have a favorite band or musician?
Influence wise it would have to be Blink 182 and Travis Barker. 

Photo Credit: Venice Wong

11. Do you play any other instruments?
I play a lot of other instruments like the piano and the bass. I like to produce and record my own songs. I like to do a little bit of everything but I can’t really sing.  

12. Do you have a favorite Youtube video?
Of my videos the cover of K$sha’s We R Who We R. Of other Youtubers I like Ray Williams Johnson and Dave Days.  

13. What advice would you give to someone who wants to start drumming or become a musician?
You should jam with other musicians who are better than you so that you can learn from them.

Photo Credit: Venice Wong

14. What’s next for Ricky Ficarelli?
The King The Kid Tour. Depending on the success of the tour I might have some cool opportunities coming up.

Photo Credit: Venice Wong

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Thursday, April 11, 2013


AARON CARTER: " I only choose to remember what I  never wish to forget"

Aaron Carter is living proof that fairy tales are real. From a very young age he had a dream to become a professional entertainer. He has more than fulfilled his childhood dreams when he became an iconic 90s pop star adored by fans around the world screaming his name at concerts and mouthing the words of his chart topping hit songs such as " I Want Candy", "I've got a crush on you" and " How I beat Shaq". I have firsthand experience of his charismatic powers because I was one of those little girls who fell under his spell while her Daddy held her up on his shoulders during his concerts to get a peak at her favorite singer over the sea of adoring fans jumping up and down and basically going nuts for the golden headed boy on stage who made every girl alive wish her name was "Candy".

I am now embarrassed to admit that my mouth gaped open when he walked by my table unexpectedly at the House Of Blues Sunset Strip. After all he was my 7 year old pop star crush! Aaron Carter was and shall ever be the pop prince charming of my dreams, so I find it magical that our paths keep crossing as our lives seem to intertwine with our pursuit of entertainment related careers. Aaron as a singer and mine as a fashion designer.

My first encounter with him was when I attended Aaron's Birthday Party at age 8 or 9. My entertainment lawyer parents had somehow gotten us on the guest list. It was no secret that he loved to collect beanie babies just as much as I did, so I insisted on buying him a beanie baby as a birthday present. I vaguely remember someone dragging me by the hand over to where Aaron was playing basketball. But, I didn't forget that he was taller than me and he kept hitting me in the head with his elbows as he dribbled around me. It still feels like a dream to me. A few years later, we met again.

This time, I was promoting my Fashion Brand Queenie4ever in the celebrity gifting suite at the MTV Movie Awards. I was 12 years old and I had no idea he was about to walk over to my table with his brother and sisters in tow. What was surprising was that he insisted that he had met me before. I assumed he was referring to his birthday party since I seriously could not remember until my mom tried to remind me. However, I do remember giving him and  his big brother Nick Carter my "I Heart Chinatown" T-shirts and we stood together for a WireImage photographer to take our PR photos. I loved the cute interaction between the Carter brothers as Aaron pretended to take a bite out of my fortune cookie logo while Nick laughed!  Aaron  spent a lot of time looking through my design scrapbook and asking me a lot of questions about myself and my company.

At the time, I felt he had a heart of gold because most celebrities just kind of rushed through the Hellos and photo op without really taking the time to get to know me or ask about my designs. A week or so later, a producer from "The House Of Carter's" Reality Show contacted me to  let me know that Aaron wore my T-shirt on the show in the "Dinner Time" episode. Aaron had kept his promise! His act of kindness to a young teen girl trying her best to compete with famous name brands run by adults turned out to be an amazing turning point in my fashion career. I was overcome with shock when the producer asked me if I would like to shoot a pilot for my own reality show for MTV based on the fact that I was a teen entrepreneur who had A list celebrities including Aaron Carter wearing my fashion designs!

Since that encounter,  I never stopped liking Aaron Carter's music and I kept track of his career even though he wasn't touring anymore. While he was over at CBS Studios filming "Dancing with the Stars" I was busy presenting my first runway collection during L.A. fashion Week literally a block a away on West 3rd St. One of my first celebrity supporters, Melissa Joan Hart, was also competing that night with Aaron. So, she could not attend my show, but she sent her mom and sisters to cheer me on. I remember mentioning my fondness for Aaron to them when they asked me to vote for Melissa. I was perplexed as to who to vote for!

Jump to 2013 and my parents decide to postpone my spring break trip to New York to meet with the production team I am co producing a short film " It Don't Come Easy" starring actress Evanna Lynch (Harry Potter's Luna Lovegood). As I sadly waved goodbye to my opportunity to see my favorite pop star on Broadway,  I find out (yes I follow him on Twitter and that's how I found out the news)  he is leaving "The Fantasticks" and going on tour! What? That is so surreal...And he's coming to perform in Agoura which is located near my home town? My heart is smiling again! I am so excited for not only myself but all of Aaron's fans who like myself cannot get enough of listening to his infectious songs and watching his killer dance moves.

Here's a bit of advice. If you are feeling depressed you really just need a dose of Aaron and he will cure you of your sad mood. You have to experience seeing Aaron Carter perform live on his "After Party Tour" to understand what I mean when I say he makes you feel happy to be alive! The great energy he exudes from stage makes the girls go wild. Seriously, I was almost lost and trampled under the surge of the crowd as his fans went wild trying to get as close to the front of the stage as possible while jumping up and down, screaming, and waving their hands in the air as he encouraged them to basically go nuts! 

This was a far cry from the serene backstage room I had just hung out in with Aaron before the show and the madness of his After Party went into high swing once he hit the stage. I am one lucky girl to be able to spend time with her childhood Pop Star crush Aaron Carter one on one backstage me asking him interview questions and he lounging on a couch across from me answering my questions. I wasn't sure what to expect since I haven't seen him in years but up close he looks amazing. He has grown into an extremely handsome man with a more mature attitude about life and his professional career as a singer. He still wants to make his fans happy but he knows that he has to make himself happy as well. I can see it written in his face the signs of success and struggles that come along with being famous. But he wears the pop star moniker well  just as if it was a second skin.

Perhaps because he started performing in the limelight at such a young age he has had many years to get accustomed to the celebrity lifestyle. Yet, he is just as down to earth and normal as his fans. He loves the same movies, hanging out with friends and doing silly stuff that only friends will let you get away with, he mentions his key to success and the important role his family played, offers advice for aspiring artists, and  talks a little bit about the new album he is really excited to be recording.  Also, he tells us how he makes girls feel like a princess. When you read his answer you will understand why he is mine and all of his fans all over the world's pop prince charming. True to his princely and charming personality he began and ended our meeting with big hugs and sweet kisses.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me out of the goodness of your soul. Aaron "I choose to remember your acts of kindness, charm, talent, and perseverance which took you to the top of the ladder of success as I wish never to forget your beautiful face, your loving heart, and your undying love for your fans."

Princess kisses XOXO
Tatiana Mclane Queenie4ever

AARON CARTER "AFTER PARTY TOUR" 2013 DATE/TICKET INFO: http://aaroncarternow.com/



1.  How would you describe your clothing style for your current tour and is it any different from what you wear every day?
Not really that different. Fitted caps. Denim jackets. American flag themed t-shirt. I pretty much have a certain image I stick to. If I have an event that's more dressy I will wear a suit.

2.  What item of clothing that you own makes you feel like a Prince Charming when you wear it?
White clothes. I have a part of my set where I change to white clothes.

3.  How did you determine the set list?
I based it on my past stuff in my previous albums. The songs that meant the most to me. Ultimately, what I thought my fans wanted to hear from me.

Pop Singer Aaron Carter, age 14 & 9 year old
Queenie4ever fashion designer Tatiana Mclane
Playing basketball at Bogart Backstage: On Tour For a Cure
Barket Hanger Santa Monica, CA November 11, 2001
photo credit: Venice Wong

4. What is the most fulfilling part of performing live?

The energy I get from the fans and doing what I love back on stage. I get to do what I love again.

5. Which do you prefer more performing on an indoor or an outdoor stage and why?
I like both. It’s fun to perform on either.

6. Is there a particular charity that you are passionate about?
The charity for my sister that passed away last year. To give help to kids who need help with rehab.

(L to R) Aaron Carter, age 18, taking a bite out the
fortune cookie logo designed by Queenie4ever
fashion designer Tatiana Mclane, age 13,
Venice Wong Queenie4ever co creator, and
Nick Carter promoting E Channel's "House Of Carters"
Reality Show - MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge
West Hollywood, CA May 31, 2006
Photo Credit: WireImage

7. Do you have a motto that you live by?

I only choose to remember what I never wish to forget.

8. How do you make the women in your life feel like Princesses?
Treat them with respect. Tell them they look pretty all the time. Just be there to catch them when they fall.

9. What is your favorite Beanie Baby?
Flutter the butterfly.

10. What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you thus far on your current tour?
Somebody came onto the stage and started doing backhand springs.

(L) Pop Singer Aaron Carter age 13 headlining the Bogart
Backstage: On  Tour For A Cure Barker Hanger Santa
Monica, CA November 2001 Photo Credit: Venice Wong
(R) Pop singer Aaron Carter, age 25 sporting his
signature All American Red, White, & Blue
style. The After Party Tour 2013 Canyon
Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

11. Who is your hero?

Captain America.

12. Are you going to incorporate any electronic dance elements into your new album? 
There definitely will be a little bit.

Pop Singer Aaron Carter & his back up dancers
Nikko Rich & Trey Rich hit the stage to
screaming  fans Canyon Club Agoura Hills,
The After Party Tour 2013
CA April 7, 2013 Photo Credit: Venice Wong

13. Are you going to work with an established producer or somebody new?

A newly established producer.

14. What effect do you think social media has made on your career?
When I stopped touring and singing social media helped me keep in contact with my fans and when I did do something my fans would know about it.

Pop Singer Aaron Carter, 25 collapses on the ground
with his 2 back up dancers as the finale to a high
energy song & dance routine on his The After Party Tour 2013
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
15. What is the most spontaneous thing you have done on this tour?
I went up into the mountains with two of my buddies and listened to the Lord of the Rings sound track and danced around like we were hobbits.

16. What do you think is the key or secret to your success?
Probably my upbringing. Especially my mom who dedicated a lot of passion for me and my career.

17. What advice would you give to an aspiring entertainer who looks up to you as a role model?
Performing can be something like a routine that you are performing because you really just like doing it naturally and not because you are being forced to or you are getting paid to do it because it's part of a job.  It is important to understand the difference between being an entertainer and where you truly came from. Always stay appreciative of the people who help you.

Pop Singer Aaron Carter, 25 working the crowd and making
his fangirls go wild with his sexy dance moves
& killer good looks. The After Party Tour 2013
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

Pop Singer Aaron Carter along with his crew raising their
hands about to take a bow as the finale to a high energy
show while his fans scream his name for an encore.
The After Party Tour
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
Queenie4ever celebrity blogger & fashion designer
Tatiana Mclane 20, wearing her signature bow tiara
& babydoll dress from her new Queenie4ever runway
collection asking interview questions sitting
across from Pop Star Aaron Carter, 25 backstage @
The After Party Tour 2013
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

Queenie4ever celebrity blogger & fashion designer
Tatiana Mclane, 20  sits across from gorgeous Pop Star
Aaron Carter, 25  asking interview questions while he
relaxes on a comfy couch backstage before he gets
ready to hit the stage on his The After Party Tour 2013
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

 Aaron Carter, 25 looking every inch the handsome iconic
American pop star he has matured into
grants an exclusive interview to Queenie4ever
celebrity blogger & fashion designer
Tatiana Mclane, 20 on his The After Party Tour 2013
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

Pop Star Aaron Carter, 25 reading a poem written by
Queenie4ever celebrity blogger & fashion designer
Tatiana Mclane, 20 especially for him as a thank
you gift of love & gratitude for his kindness
& supportof her fashion career.
The After Party Tour
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

Pop Star Aaron Carter, 25 poses with Queenie4ever
celebrity blogger and fashion designer Tatiana Mclane, 20
after his exclusive interview for Queenie4ever Blog
"A Fashion Fairytale" by Tatiana Mclane.
The After Party Tour
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Pop Star Aaron Carter & Queenie4ever celebrity blogger
& fashion designer Tatiana Mclane are all smiles
hanging out together for the Meet N' Greet
The After Party Tour 2013
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Carter Management Group
Pop Star Aaron Carter showing Queenie4ever celebrity
blogger & fashion designer Tatiana Mclane
some love with a passionate kiss on the cheek at the
Meet N' Greet. The After Party Tour 2013
Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA  April 7, 2013
Photo Credit: Carter Management Group
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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Besides fashion my other passion is the art of television & film making. When quizzing an aspiring actor why they want to be an actor the answers are endless and range from the standard " I want to be famous" to the star struck "I want to work with my favorite celebrities" but for me, the answer is more like a case of Peter Pan Syndrome. I want to be an actress because I want to be a part of the made up world that I see on the big screen. In short, like Peter Pan, I never want to grow up. And, acting allows me to continue to play pretend so that I can hold onto that magical part of childhood forever.

My fascination about how this magical world ends up on the silver screen is what motivated my quest to find out just how the process of movie making works. I wanted to explore the road that a script travels from the imagination of the screenwriter to how the final product translates into a movie through the vision of the director. I recently attended the screening of an independent film starring one of my favorite actor's Booboo Stewart whom I had previously interviewed about his experience as a member of the Twilight Movie Saga's Wolf Pack and again on the red carpet along with his songstress sister Fivel Stewart at the Youth Rock Awards Winter 2011 where we spoke briefly about me coincidentally getting called in by the casting director, Brad Gilmore, to read for a part in White Frog, so I was already quite familiar with the script having had it sent to me to prepare for my audition. I agreed to audition for the part after I read the synopsis that described the movie as being about a teen boy named Nick who suffered from Asperger's Syndrome a form of autism which causes him problems recognizing human emotions which makes him become isolated who through a tragedy that occurs in his family is forced to overcome his social issues and deal with the real world.

I recall reading through the script and getting pulled into a world that I wanted to be part of. A world filled with a perfect family with an older perfect son and a younger not so perfect but still loveable son who lived in a perfect world filled with expensive homes and cars and a set of friends (played by MTV Teen Wolf Star Tyler Posey, Gregg Sulkin of Wizard of Waverly Place fame, 90210's Manish Dayal, & High School Musical 3's Justin Martin) who shared a tight knit camaraderie with the older son (played by Glee TV Star Harry Shum Jr.) that would make any loner teen envious. Well I did not get the part, but I did not lose heart because I had fallen in love with the White Frog, and I was excited to see the script come to life on the big screen. Months go by while I continue the audition route to getting cast which I soon find out is a numbers game. The more auditions I went on the more I got booked on some pretty amazing TV, Film, Commercial, Print and even a Voiceover Project(s). So just a side note to aspiring actors. Never take a "no" you are not right for the part answer as an insult. Rejection... It's just a part of the casting process. It may as simple as you may look too young or too old for the part or you were too short or too tall based on others already cast. Who knows why. Just understand that if you do your best every time, casting directors do notice and you will be the first one they call back if you fit a part they are casting based on your previous great audition for them.

Now back to my love affair with the White Frog. I made a note to myself to keep track of when the movie would premiere in my hometown L.A. via the movie's Twitter and Facebook. Summer 2012 rolled around and an announcement was made! White Frog would Premiere at the L.A. OUTFEST FILM FESTIVAL on July , 2012. I immediately bought my ticket. I just had a feeling that this would be a sold out show, and I was correct! My goal was to meet the woman creator behind the story, Ellie Wen, White Frog's Screen Writer who I later found out wrote the script with her Mom Fabienne Wen. And the director, Quentin Lee, the man who decided how the movie from beginning to end would look, feel, and sound. He is responsible for bringing Ellie's words on paper to life on the movie screen. Otherwise, we would be left to use our imagination without any pictorial direction from the film's visionary, Quentin, who does this in an intriguing way to entertain us in a format we are used to that elicits certain emotions from us and even can control our opinions. And, Quentin Lee is a master at setting up scenes to make us laugh, cry, go into shock and so on. You will definitely feel refreshed at the end of the movie as if you just got off a crazy emotional roller coaster ride. I don't want to give too much away as I want you to see the movie for yourself and react to what you see naturally. All I can say is the movie will make you feel happy and grateful that you saw it as it has a very important message that everyone can learn from: We are all different and that is what makes us human. In other words, accept others and yourself for who you are and do not try to fit into someone else's mold of who you should be for fear of being an outcast.

I am proud to present to you my interview with the talented screenwriter Ellie Wen who has already made her mark in Hollywood with success of her first attempt at a screenplay White Frog and my interview with the amazing film director Quentin Lee who adds the success of White Frog to his stellar list of must see movies born from his talent to see through the purpose of the screenwriter's storyline and characters and give the actors scenes to work with that drive home the motivations that make the characters blend into the scene as if they really belong there to the point that the actors are no longer acting; instead, they are living the part. And, this is why I feel Quentin Lee is a great director! I hope that once you finish reading both interviews, you will have a better understanding of how complicated the process of filmmaking is by taking this little peek into the making of White Frog Movie from Script to Screen.

XOXO Tatiana Mclane




HARRY SHUM JR. as Chaz Young
BD WONG as Oliver Young
JOAN CHEN as Irene Young
KELLY HU as May Chung
AMY HILL as Dr. King
PHIL ABRAMS as Ira Goldman

QUENTIN LEE director
ELLIE WEN producer & writer
DAVID HENRY HWANG executive producer
CASTING by Brad Gilmore

ELLIE WEN - Stanford Grad & 1/2 of the mother/daughter screenwriting duo who created the storyline & characters of the White Frog movie.

Q: Every great movie has to begin with a great script one that has clear motivations for the characters to come to life on the big screen as well as great dialogue between the characters to capture the viewer's attention as engaging, educating, emotional form of entertainment.  White Frog achieves all those elements and more. Can you describe the writing process you took to come up with the storyline, characters, setting, etc. & how you finally decided it was ready to be shopped?

Thanks for the kind words about the script! My mom and I started writing the screenplay together right after I graduated from Stanford and moved back to LA. We did it as a fun hobby and didn’t even realize it might one day be made into a movie. I was lucky to have a great mentor in Joel Soisson, my former boss from an internship, and so I sent him the finished script for feedback. He read it immediately and said he wanted to help me produce it! I was also fortunate to have playwright David Henry Hwang as another amazing mentor and when he came on board as Executive Producer and script advisor, he really helped us get the script to where we wanted it to be. It was a very collaborative process – we got notes from everyone on the team and worked hard to incorporate them in subsequent rewrites.

Q. You obviously have a very close relationship with your mom in order to collaborate on such a big venture. I can imagine it took a lot of coordination and time because this was a team effort. Please describe how  you allocated your writing responsibilities?  For instance, who came up with the idea that you would write about Asian teen male characters Nick ( Asperger's) & Chaz ( A closet gay) the brothers who each had a problem that caused them to be socially ostracized by peers, family, & mainstream society. And, did you have writing sessions or just pass notes back on forth?

It’s really fortunate that my mom and I are so close, and I’m really lucky that she let me work with her as an equal partner. The fact that I had moved back home after graduating also helped the writing process because I would come home from work and we could literally sit together at the computer and work through the script. We first outlined the story and then we’d take turns on the scenes until we were both satisfied. A lot of elements in the story were inspired by different parts of our lives. We had both lost dear friends at a young age who weren’t able to fully be themselves before they passed away, so we wanted to do a story in honor of them. Also, the Firehouse where Chaz and then Nick volunteers was inspired by a center where I used to do community service in high school.

Actors Justin Martin and Phil Abrams with Screenwriter Ellie Wen
receiving a phone call from the star of White Frog Booboo Stewart
who wanted to say hello to everyone who came out to the premiere
since he was filming out of state & unable to attend.
Q & A White Frog Premiere Outfest Film Festival Los Angeles, California 2012
Photo Credit: WilkiIMAGE

Q. I really like the way Chaz then Nick tells the story that their grandmother used to tell them about the white frog who as a tadpole was put in a coconut shell until it's skin was milky white and its' flesh was soft & flavoring of sweet coconut considered a perfect delicacy in their culture (which was Vietnamese?) to make the point that not everyone can be a perfect white frog and that it is Okay to be "different" because we all are "different" and this is what makes us human. Is this a story you heard about growing up or did you make it up yourself? What does it mean to you?

It was a story my mom grew up with when she lived in Vietnam. And it was a real thing that happened, it was (and maybe still is) a delicacy there.

Q. What inspired you to become a screenwriter? When you were a little girl what did you dream of becoming when you grew up? What types of education and training did you take to prepare to become a screenwriter. What advice would you give an aspiring screenwriter?

I’ve always loved reading and when I was a very little girl I think one of my many dreams was of being a writer. My mom had studied English at Yale and always loved writing but never actually pursued it, so I nudged her to try screenwriting and she fell in love with it. White Frog was both of our first screenplays. As both the producer and co-writer of White Frog, I really enjoyed being able to work on both the creative and business sides of the project. 

Cast and Crew of White Frog Movie Justin Martin, Ellie Wen,
Phil Abrams, Harry Shum, Jr., Quentin Lee, Tyler Posey.
Q & A White Frog Premiere Outfest Film Festival Los Angeles, California 2012
Photo Credit: WilikIMAGE

Q. If you could work with any famous film director living or dead who would that be and why?

That’s too tough of a question! I have such great respect for all directors J And it’s been amazing working with Quentin.

Q. What was your favorite part/scene to write for White Frog and why?

Wow I can’t even remember! The whole thing has been a joy.

Q. If you could step into the lives of Chaz and Nick what would your conversation with them be about. Would you try to give them advice that could possibly change the outcome of the movie or just have a friendly chat. If it were me, I would warn Chaz not to ride his bike, so he could have the chance to tell his parents and brother that he was gay. But, I guess the movie would lose it's dramatic impact without a tragic death of someone who died way before his time without fulfilling his own dreams.

Another tough question! I’d just say whatever I could to make both of them feel loved and appreciated.

White Frog Screenwriter Ellie Wen with Queenie4ever
Celebrity Reporter Tatiana Mclane. Reception White Frog
Premiere Outfest Film Festival Los Angeles, California 2012
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

Q.  Why did you chose to write this story as a screenplay and not a novel which could later be adapted as a screenplay version such as Amy Tan's "Joy Luck Club"? If possible, would you consider writing  White Frog as a novel  including photo stills from the movie?

My interest has always been in film, so it was just the natural thing to do. We haven’t yet considered writing a novel version of the film.

Q. After watching the premiere of White Frog.  How close to how you envisioned your story did it get? Did it live up to your expectations?

I’ve always heard how drastically things will change from script to screen, and I have to say that I was very amazed by how close White Frog turned out to be to my original vision. We were lucky that everyone on the team was on the same page and that Quentin understood the heart of our story. It definitely exceeded my expectations!

Queenie4ever Celebrity Reporter Tatiana Mclane with
Booboo Stewart'ssisters Fivel Stewart & Sage Stewart
Reception White Frog Premiere Outfest Film Festival Los Angeles,
California 2012. Photo Credit: Venice Wong

Q. How about the cast? Were the cast members especially those who played the family members of the main character BooBoo Stewart ( Nick with Asperger's) that is,  B.D. Wong (father), Joan Chen ( mother) and Harry Shum Jr. (older gay brother) what you had in your mind as you wrote the script and were you involved in casting process?

We got incredibly lucky with our cast…They were all our top choices!! Dream cast come true J

Q. Why did you chose to set it in the modern day and not sometime in the past or the future?

We wanted it to be current.

Q. So far you have had 2 premieres one in San Francisco and one in Los Angeles at the OUTFEST.  What would you like to see happen next for the White Frog Movie? How can my readers get a chance to see the movie? or at least learn more about it?

The first two premieres have been amazing! We are currently working on finalizing distribution and hopefully it won’t be too long before the whole world can watch it! 

We are always updating our website: whitefrogthemovie.com,
Facebook page:
and Twitter:
Please like and follow us and spread the word!! In the meantime, people can also check out our festival trailer:

My (Queenie4ever celebrity reporter Tatiana Mclane) ticket to the
sold out premiere of White Frog Movie starring Booboo Stewart & the cute
button Ellie Wen gave me featuring the movie's All Star Cast Manish Dayal,
Greg Sulkin, Booboo Stewart, Justin Martin, and Tyler Posey.
White Frog Premiere Outfest Film Festival Los Angeles, California 2012
Photo Credit: Venice Wong

Q. Since this is also a fashion blog, I am sure my readers would love to hear you describe your personal fashion style, name the label who designed the beautiful & very in trend color block dress you wore to the OUTFEST premiere, and why did you chose to wear that particular outfit to the premiere? Also, is there a particular item in your wardrobe that you like to wear which makes you feel like a Princess?

One of my brands is Free People – everything of theirs is so pretty and I love the free-spirited, laidback feel of their clothes. My dress from the Outfest premiere was from French Connection and I loved it immediately because it was colorful, fun, had great movement, and was formal but not too formal. It was the perfect dress! I have an Alice + Olivia dress that my mom gave me which I love and makes me feel like a total princess J

Q.  What does the future hold for Ellie Wen?

I’m developing a couple projects right now, so we’ll see what goes next! I’m also still working a full-time job at CBS Films. I just hope to continue making movies that have a positive impact on the world J

Thanks for coming to the premiere and for interviewing me, Tatiana!

Xoxo, Ellie


QUENTIN LEE - UCLA Film School Grad & Director of the young adult drama movie White Frog

Q. Just like the screenwriter is the visionary for the original script, you as the film's director becomes the visionary for making the story come alive on the big screen. As the director for The White Frog Movie, can you please describe your creative thought process to prepare to film the movie beginning from the first time you read the entire script, meeting with cast and crew, and finally what thoughts & emotions went through your mind the night before the first day of shooting? 

First, I had to decide on what and who this movie was about. I felt it was important to see the world from Nick’s perspective, played by Booboo Stewart. As I was conceiving the movie, I started looking at things from Nick’s point-of-view and saw where it took me. I imagined what it would be like to lose someone you were close to at Nick’s age. It so happened that my good friend Jason died unexpectedly about two months before the shoot in April of 2011, so I tried to make use of all the feelings and confusion I had felt toward Jason’s death on the movie.

Quentin Lee director White Frog with actor Tyler Posey
Q & A White Frog Premiere Outfest Film Festival Los Angeles, California 2012
Photo Credit: WilkiIMAGE
Interview Credit: Tatiana Mclane

Q. You mentioned at the OUTFEST premiere cast and crew panel Q & A that your youngest sister was diagnosed as having Asperger's right before shooting began on the White Frog Movie making this movie become very personal for you since the main character coincidentally suffers from Asperger's. Describe how you felt when you heard that your sister had Asperger's knowing that you were about to direct an actor (BooBoo Stewart) who plays a teen with this syndrome. Do you believe that your first hand experience with your sister's behavior affected your directing decisions on how you wanted BooBoo to portray his character Nick? 

I was completely surprised because it happened literally 2 weeks before shooting. She had been diagnosed with manic depression for years and was taking the wrong meds. My mom and sisters were in Hong Kong and had no idea that I was making a movie on a kid with Aspergers. Looking back at my interactions with her over time I realized that her diagnosis made a lot of sense especially comparing notes with the research that I had done for the movie. Thinking about my interactions with my sister gave me a good model of how to work with Booboo on his performance.

Q. Which character in White Frog do you identify the most with and why?

Definitely Nick, because for me it’s Nick’s movie.

Actor Harry Shum, Jr. with Quentin Lee director of White Frog
Q & A White Frog Premiere Outfest Film Festival Los Angeles, California 2012
Photo Credit: WilkiIMAGE
Interview Credit: Tatiana Mclane

Q. What was your favorite scene to direct and why?

The second last day of the shoot we were filming this 9-page scene in the poker room. The lights overheated the ceiling as a torrent of water came down from the sprinkler and flooded the set. The fire department came and people were like there was no way we could finish the movie on budget. As the producers were calculating the possible overage, I was looking at the scene to see how we could simplify it creatively with the expectation that we might be shut down. Miraculously we dried out the set in three hours and we were ready to shoot again. I simplified the script and conferred with my DP Yasu Tanida. We decided to put the camera on a circular dolly track and shot out the scene that way. And that turned out to be my favorite scene. We even wrapped an hour before schedule after losing three hours. I felt awesome going home that day. 

Q. We all have someone whom we can say inspired us to be who we are. Who is or who are those persons that inspired you to become a film director?

It was Ingmar Bergman, Brian De Palma, David Cronenberg and David Lynch who inspired me to be a filmmaker. If I have to essentialize them into films, it would be Fanny and Alexander, Dressed to Kill, The Fly, and Blue Velvet.

Q. If you were given the opportunity to remake any movie which one would you chose to direct and why?

Dario Argento’s Tenebre. It was one of his most fascinating and underrated works that got butchered in its initial release in America.

Queenie4ever Celebrity Reporter Tatiana Mclane with Quentin Lee director of White Frog
Reception White Frog Premiere Outfest Film Festival Los Angeles, California 2012
Photo Credit: WilkiIMAGE

Q. Why did you chose the color "Blue" as the only color that the main character Nick was willing to wear? Is there a special significance to using "Blue" vs. another color?

Blue was the writers’ choice, and I liked blue. If it had been red or any other color I might have requested to change it.

Q. You mentioned that you went to UCLA Film School after attending UC Berkeley as an undergrad. What made you chose to attend UCLA Film School? UCLA is a highly competitive film school to get an acceptance. Can you remember what you were doing when you learned that you were accepted and what was your reaction? What is the most important thing that you learned during your UCLA Film School studies that you feel has been an invaluable asset to you becoming such a successful film director?

I knew I wanted to come to LA for film school, so it was between USC and UCLA. At the time that I was told that at USC you might not be able to make your own thesis film. UCLA was more a school for independent filmmakers where you got to do whatever you wanted to. Of course, I went to UCLA.
Going to film school gives you the opportunity to carve out a few years to really develop yourself as a filmmaker. It would be close to impossible to do that while having a day job or working in the industry.

Q. If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring film directors what would that be?

Just go out and make a movie. Don’t think about it.

Queenie4ever actress/fashion designer/celebrity reporter
Tatiana Mclane. Red Carpet White Frog Movie Premiere Outfest
Film Festival 2012. Photo Credit: Venice Wong

Q. As you know I am a fashion designer and this blog is also about helping others to create their own personal fashion fairytale. What special piece of clothing do you have in wardrobe that makes you feel like a Prince Charming when you wear it?

It would be one of the sweaters that my late grandmother wove for me. She made me feel like a prince.

Q. When you are sitting in the theatre at the premieres, do you take notice of the audiences' reactions such as laughter, crying, shock, etc. to see if you did a good job directing the scene that was meant to elicit those particular reactions and emotions in the viewer? 

Of course I do. And it was music to my ears when the audience laughed and cried.

Q. Describe your childhood. Where did you grow up and what was your favorite thing to do as a child. What was the first movie that you can recall watching. How old were you and did you enjoy watching it? What do your parents and family members think about you being a director? Is anyone else in your family work in the entertainment industry?

No one in my family is in the industry. In fact, they are not even here in America, but they are very supportive to me being a director. One of the first movies I watched was Robert Mulligan’s The Other on television with my best friend and neighbor on television when I was six. It scared the shit out of me and I was having nightmares for the whole night.

Queenie4ever Film Critic, Yogi, my yellow sided conure says
"GO SEE WHITE FROG the MOVIE!!!" White Frog Premiere
Outfest Film Festival Los Angeles, California 2012
Photo Credit: Venice Wong
Bird Trainer: Tatiana Mclane

Q. What was your proudest moment throughout your entire career as a director? 

I was screening an experimental film called “Anxiety of Inexpression and the Otherness Machine” at the Pacific Film Archive. The entire audience was puzzled and then one graduate student came up to me and said “You’re brilliant” with the utmost sincerity.

Q. If you met a stranger on the street and you only had a quick minute to tell them why they should go see White Frog the movie, what would you say to convince them it's a must see?

Come check out White Frog. It’s my latest and most favorite.

Q. What is next for Quentin Lee?

I just produced a feature called Chink about the first Asian American serial killer that’s in post-production. And hopefully I will direct a smart horror film where I can work with my favorite cast from White Frog again!

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