Sunday, August 14, 2011

Japan Charity Fashion Show and Celebrity Interviews

What was the first thought that popped into your mind when you heard about the terrible Earthquake and deadly Tsunami that struck Japan earlier this year? My first thoughts were filled with worry and concern for the citizens of Japan especially the most helpless- the children, pets, and elderly.

Even though many weeks have passed by and the disaster is no longer front page news here in America, I am well aware that Japan is still trying to rebuild and cope with the emotional loss of family, friends, personal belongings, homes, and businesses. Today, the place these victims once called home, is a pile of decaying rubble. Since these people are still in need of proper housing, bedding, medical supplies, clothing, and food, I decided to do something to help raise awareness and funds to purchase these much need items and ship them to Japan by participating as a fashion designer in a Japan Benefit Fashion Event sponsored by Movie Star Shin Koyamada’s Foundation.

I am proud to present fashions from my “Japanese Pop Princess Packs For Paris” collection inspired by my love of Japanese culture seen in the use of traditional kimono inspired fabric with modern patterns. So if you love watching models rockin’ the runway in the latest Queenie4ever styles and you also love watching live celebrity interviews, then you just have to watch my video to see which pair of TV Star twin hotties sat in the front row of my Queenie4ever fashion and what famous adorable “Pretty Little Liars” actor I interview on the red carpet!
To find out how you can help Japan’s disaster victims please go to

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