Friday, November 18, 2011


To all my fellow TwiFans, I present to you one of the gorgeous guys of the Twilight Wolf pack actor and stuntman Bronson Pelletier aka Jared who maintains a  pretty amazing six pack by constantly training in all sorts of martial arts and even worked out in a magical makeshift gym in the Canadian forest while filming "Breaking Dawn". I am so excited that it is finally November 18, 2011! Yeah!  Opening Day of "Breaking Dawn" at the box office has finally arrived! This very important date has been circled with a bright red heart in my day planner for weeks.  I even bought my tickets ahead of time, so what is next on my agenda? I have a very important fashion styling decision to make. What should I wear to Bella's and Jacob's wedding? I feel like this is one of the most important weddings of the century that I am about to attend, so I really want to look my best. In true Queenie4ever fashion fairytale style, I think a romantic flowy gown with satin slippers and a big box of freshly popped movie theatre popcorn with a side of tissues to wipe away my tears of joy for the happy couple will suffice!


Princess Kisses,

XOXO Tatiana Mclane Queenie4ever
"Breaking Dawn" Movie Star Bronson Pelletier speaking at
Twilight Convention Marriott Hotel Los Angeles, CA
Photo Credit Venice Wong

1. What is your fashion style?
My girlfriend, Sabine Moestrup, is in the fashion business and she is very fashion informed. I get my tips from her. She is my own personal stylist.

2. How did you get started in acting?
When I was 15, my best friend asked me to go to an audition with him and I got a call back the same day on my first audition. That rarely every happens!

3. What was your first audition for?
It was for a tv series called Art Zone. It was like a tree house show. I was the lead host and we made arts and crafts. I think it was just met to be. I made an improve paper airplane, I threw it and it landed perfectly underneath the camera.

4. What was your favorite scene to film in Twilight?
My favorite was when we were thrown off of these 50 foot scaffold beams. We got to do our own stunts. At first we were just jumping off on our own but then they wanted to push us off.

5. What was your educational background like before you started acting?
I lived in Canada and went to public school in 9th grade. I had never taken any drama classes before. I actually graduated on set. It was very difficult to balance doing five hours of homework a night and memorizing scripts at the same time.

Queenie4ever Teen Fashion Designer Tatiana Mclane and
"Breaking Dawn" Movie Star Bronson Pelletier
dancing at Twilight Convention Ball
Marriott Hotel Los Angeles, CA
Photo Credit Venice Wong

6. Is there a fully equipped gym on the set of Twilight?
No we're out in the forest. We use gravity

7. What is your most memorable or crazy fan experience?
Me and Kellan Lutz were on the program where they had us sign underwear with our faces on it. These girls were fighting over it so much that the security guards had to come in to calm them down. There was also another time where word got out of the hotel room that I was staying at. When I opened the door the hallway was packed with girls.

8. What has been the best experience so far on any film set?
Hanging out on the set of Twilight and seeing them again is so refreshing. I love the energy we have. It is non-stop laughing with tears in our eyes and tons of jokes.

9. Do you have a catch phrase or a motto to live by?
My catch phrase is it is what it is and my motto to live by is live life as if it is your last and treat others as if it was their last.

"Breaking Dawn" Movie Star Bronson Pelletier and
Queenie4ever Teen Fashion Designer Tatiana Mclane
hanging out at Twilight Convention
Marriott Hotel Los Angeles, CA
 Photo Credit Venice Wong

10. How did you prepare for your role as Jared in Twilight?
By hitting the gym. There was lots of working out.

11. What advice would you give to those who wish to pursue and acting career?
You can't be afraid of rejection. It's going to happen. You should take acting classes and get an agent but make sure not to pay them upfront.

12. What's next for Bronson Pelletier?
I'm acting in a martial arts film in Beijing

13. Where can my fans find out more about you?
My twitter is Sonofbrown

14. What is the meaning behind your twitter screen name?
When I tried to make a twitter all versions of my name were already taken. I looked up the meaning of my first name. It means son of Brown.
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